Aaron Rote

#Chicago freelance writer and poet specializing in quick wit and quick turnarounds.

I love to write. I love the freedom of writing for my myself and the focus of a big project with a specific goal and a specific audience. As a freelancer, I’ve reviewed indie rock albums, profiled up-and-coming restaurants and interviewed award-winning writers. As you will see in my work, I love to give my readers a new way of looking at the world, whether it’s an old hotel or a group of beer-loving runners. No matter the subject or medium, the job of a writer is always the same: Grab the reader’s attention, keep them entertained and engaged, and leave them with something memorable. I’ve recently moved to Chicago and have started blogging as The Last New Guy, where I take Chicago’s history, my own personal narrative, and a healthy dose of humor to give my readers a fresh perspective on the city. Like I said, I love to write, and I would love to write for you.
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