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I write emails and sales pages that get your prospects to take action.

Hi there, I'm Aaron Tan.

I'm a freelance direct-response copywriter.

In my previous life, I was a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Digital Marketer.

I wanted to make a difference to business owners who were selling quality products and services.

To improve their online presence, so that more people can find them and benefit as I did.

Helping clients improve organic traffic numbers to their websites was nice and all, but I always thought that something else was missing...and that it could be the very key to unlocking explosive growth for them.

One eventful day, I struck gold.

It was during a meeting with one of our clients.

Our client was lamenting, "Hey, I see that more people are visiting my website, but why are my sales numbers still stagnant?"

It was right at that exact moment that I had an epiphany.

What's the use of having lots of visitors to your website if they don't turn into customers?

It's exactly the same as having a horde of window-shoppers without any intention to buy, isn't it?

I remembered being really angry that day...

Angry at the fact that this was really obvious on hindsight.

Why did I not see it sooner?

Thankfully from that realisation, I quickly found out that there are numerous ways to enable prospects to take action and increase the bottom line that you, as a business owner care a great deal about - sales.

In particular, there are two ways that produce quick wins when implemented.

Emails and Sales Pages.

Want to learn how they can be used to help your business flourish?

Feel free to drop me a message.
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