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A voracious​ reader, writer, editor, and a strategist, I have been published on some of the top business and marketing websites. My content specializations include​ B2B, SEO, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, AI and, eCommerce.
The good news is that I focus on creating quality content that goes with the brand voice. If you're looking for a grammar nazi whose repulsive to passive voice and adverbs ​you're at​ the right place. What's more! I can help you with an ​out-of-the-Milkyway​ copy as well!
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Content Marketing Tools: Advice From the Experts

Getting results from content marketing is no child’s play. Most marketers struggle with creating quality content at scale. Some lament the lack of resources and budget while others find it hard to craft a narrative that stands out. Content marketing takes time which we all know is scarce. The good news is that there are tools that can assist professional content marketers to simplify a variety of tasks: research, content creation, quality management, promotion, and performance tracking. To understand which of these tools work best, I spoke to some content marketing experts on their favourite tools.

February, 19 2019
Blog Post
The Secret Sauce for Successful Social Media Video Marketing

The social media feed of today is replete with video content as opposed to text and images. More video content is uploaded in 30 days than the major U.S. television networks have created in 30 years. Social algorithms have evolved to prefer video content over other content formats. Social media users drool over videos. The content type is juicier, more presentable, and gives more information in less time.

February, 8 2019
Blog Post
B2B vs. B2C Content Marketing: Stuff You Need to Know

The mindset, objectives, and intentions of B2B audiences are different from those of B2C audiences. Content for those different audiences must differ accordingly. The post explains some of the key differences that a content marketing strategy must take into account.

June, 16 2016
5 Ways AI is Infusing Fresh Dynamism in Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the new kid on the block, and its applications are simplifying tasks across business verticals and functions. The term AI may seem like some kind of rocket science, but it’s simply a way to train machines to perform tasks by emulating the human brain. Some of the concepts of AI include machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and image recognition.

June, 25 2018
Blog Post
10 Essentials to Craft a B2B Video Marketing Strategy in 2019

Video content is fast becoming the preferred content format for B2B content marketers. With fewer marketers satisfied with their content marketing efforts, video content seems like a new window of opportunity. Video content is more immersive and attention-grabbing than other content formats. Videos say more in less time and make content juicier, presentable, and user-friendly.

February, 7 2019
Blog Post
10 Typical Website Fails and How to Avoid Them

A business website is at the heart of any digital marketing efforts. It’s where businesses build or destroy a reputation. Plan well and you’ll save yourself from tons of embarrassment of a shoddy user-experience. The end result: you can turn your site into a lead generating cash cow.

January, 28 2019
Blog Post
6 Quick Small Business Marketing Tips for 2019

As a budget constrained small business, marketing your products and services effectively can be a challenge. From email marketing and social media campaigns to pricing, branding, and strategy, it’s quite demanding for many small business owners to excel at marketing while also focusing on growing their business.

December, 7 2018
Blog Post
SEO vs PPC: How to Choose What’s Best For Your Business

As a business owner are you often confused about choosing the right online marketing channel? Most businesses struggle with scanty resources. Marketing seems like that perpetual back pain. It’s hard to know which platform will help get the best ROI. Considering the quantum of online search activity, SEO and PPC are two essential marketing strategies.

January, 25 2019
Blog Post
Are Lead Magnets the Bread and Butter of Content Marketing?

There isn’t a day in the life of a content marketer when she’s not thinking about her lead generation targets. While quality content is at the forefront of any content marketing efforts, it’s the results that can build or break careers for content marketers. In 2018, only 20% of B2B marketers rated their content marketing approach as very successful.

February, 1 2019
Blog Post
10 Awesome Tips for Small Businesses to Maintain Strong Customer Relationships

As a small business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by everyday challenges. Small businesses have to keep looking for new clients. There’s a constant pressure of daily expenditures. Imagine a situation where you didn’t have to run around and chase new clients all the time. What if you could keep your existing clients and they also got new business for you?

January, 11 2019
Blog Post
5 Reasons Your Content Marketing Strategy Doesn’t Work

Content marketing is not easy, but it is essential. Here are 5 reasons why content marketing is not working for your company and how you can turn it around.

December, 6 2018
Blog Post
8 Cool Lead Generation Hacks For Digital Agencies

As a digital agency owner, you can’t simply hire a sales team and sit back. Being a marketing specialist, an agency must publicize itself well. Before you help your clients, you must prove you’re good.

November, 29 2018
Blog Post
Five Tips to Promote Yourself as a Newbie Freelance Writer

It can get hard to get off the ground while starting your freelance writing business. This is especially true if you have quit your day job and you’re yet to get your first assignment. The pressure can be extremely agonizing. All you need to do is leave your worries aside and get down to business. Here are five ways you can promote yourself as a freelance writer and get a regular stream of work.

December, 22 2018
Blog Post
How to Implement User Intent to Build an Audience for Your Content

With the growing content clutter online, it’s just not easy for content marketers to consistently get leads and conversions for their business. The following data from Smart Insights is a testimony of the vast amount of content that’s getting churned out every minute.

November, 30 2018
9 experts share their tips to make video work for your company

We all know that there’s massive content clutter out there and that we need to take a step forward to get noticed. Video has been an essential tool for today’s content marketers looking to provide an exceptional experience to their audience.

January, 16 2018
Blog Post
10 Tips for Generating Business Leads with Free Webinars
December, 1 2016
Blog Post
25 Tips for Building Your Brand on Instagram
October, 7 2016
Blog Post
10 Triggered Email Automation Examples for eCommerce
October, 18 2016
How To Run A LinkedIn Community That Amplifies Value
November, 14 2016
How To Build A Blog
July, 28 2016
9 Content Conversion Tips
June, 17 2016
Facebook Lead Ads: How to Build Your Email List Without A Landing Page?
April, 18 2017
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