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Content Strategist, Editor, Photographer, Writer, Graphic Designer

Live With Curiosity. Write With Confidence. Relate With Ease.

Hi there, I'm Abigail Simpson, a creative entrepreneur who helped co-found the originative thought brand Folklure & Company.
My current role involves innovative applications of content strategy, audio production, and graphic design.
As a writer, adaptation is key. As you imagine the experiences you want your customers and prospective customers to have with your content, you deepen your point of view.
Merakih, Muse.Monkey, The Lady King; trying new things is how we learn what we truly want.
The ethos of the artist creates and innovates while appreciating that "becoming better in your process will ultimately lead to the completion of goals, so focusing on the means to get where you want to be is always the better choice.”
Answering the call to create takes dedication and fortitude. Sharing those processees creates content for a lifetime.

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