Adeetya Gour

Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Videographer, Writer

Respect your business like business so it will profit you like a business, don't take it like hobby otherwise it will be expensive like hobby

I am 34, no personal social media , working on internet as a freelancer since 2017 , learning everything every skill to develop my own brand. Freelancing job since 2011 specially logo and graphic designs. Here I am to learn core business ethics and management for shining my entrepreneur skills. Learn how to work under professional pressure and deadline. This will help me in my future CEO role for my brand. Second reason to earn good amount of money so i can use it in my brand.

My personal skill is to provide highly professional design for brands which are extremely eye catching and extremely easy to remember for customers.

From fonts to color palette to tagline.

Main skills -

Logo design
Graphic design
Web design
Short commercial script.

Secondary skills -

Affiliate marketing
Video editing.

Thanks so much for reading my Bio.
I will be happy to work with you . Will give you my best.

Thanks and Regards
Adeetya Gour
Content Types
Video, Infographic, Script, Explainer Video, Blog Post, Graphic
More Information
St Mary Higer Secondary, Diploma in Graphic design
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India|English, Hindi

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