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Over the past 19 years, I have taught Mathematics (majorly) and Physics in Nigeria and Namibia. “Teaching is my passion, but I also make sure I am actively involved in the community. So apart from teaching Science in High School, I am also interested in bringing the learning outside the classroom and lead extracurricular activities that motivate my students.” I look forward to leveraging my vast experience in advancing students' achievements in Mathematics and Physics. Besides, I am a co-author of an acclaimed Physics textbook (Oxford Physics Learners book for grades 10 and 11) that has been approved for use in secondary schools here in Namibia. I recently completed the Advance Level for grade 12 of the same textbook. I will be published before the end of this year 2019.

Alot of factors affect students' outcomes and achievements, my experience has shown me that discipline and dedication to study will turn any mediocre, average learner into a superstar. Tiered to discipline is the mindset of the learner. My experience has shown that learners with a growth mindset, (a belief system that suggest that one’s intelligence or talents can be grown or developed with persistence, effort and focus on learning) as opposed to fixed mindset (a belief system that suggest that a person has a predetermined amount of intelligence, skills or talents) will always achieve more in their academics and career. Making the lesson fun, and not too formal helps, but most of all, my ability to explain any given concept in a variety of ways, using every conceivable tool and method helps a lot.
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Federal Univeristy of Technology, Minna , Barchelor of Technology Education.
Bayero University Kano, Post Graduate Diploma in Education
Windhoek, Namibia|English

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