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I'm an award-winning content and communications expert with an extensive background as a writer, editor, and content strategist. I launch websites, I build brands, and I drive leads, all while keeping your unique voice front and center.

Think of me as a Content Whisperer. I'm a gifted storyteller, dedicated to helping clients tell theirs. I say this unabashedly and with complete confidence.

The proof, of course, is the words.

Today, finding the right words is more important than ever, and I strive to under-promise but over-deliver. The name of my company says it all:


And my philosophy is simple:

The right words sell.
The wrong words leave sales on the table.


I’m a professional writer living in Portland, Oregon with a lifelong passion for the power of the written word. I’ve written everything from novels to blogs, sales...

Among the TOP RATED Freelancers on profile at such worldwide.
🏆 HIGHEST RATED copywriter in South Africa, working for over 12-years with Fortune 500 companies, top-level brands, and clients in the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada
🏆 TOP RANKED marketing and sales copywriter, article writer, blog writer, website content specialist, brand specialist, corporate identity expert, and ghostwriter on Upwork.
🏆 Specialist in sales and marketing content and development for the USA, UK, Canadian, Australian, and European markets.

I have more than 14-years sales and marketing experience, and 12-years professional experience as a multi-talented freelancer with multiple skills in writing, content editing, graphic- and WordPress design, corporate brand identity development, business management, and sales and marketing content.
I have worked with serious and high-profile clients, especially in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. To name but a few:
✅ Rilea Group (United States & Europe)
✅ Jensen Instruments (Australia)
✅ Musoni Finance (Worldwide)
✅ Xnergy & Xnergy Capital (United States)
✅ ValueConnected (Netherlands)
✅ Caldwell Family Lawyers (Australia)
✅ Blockchain Talent-In (USA)
✅ IdeaBuddy (Worldwide)
✅ Divoti USA
✅ MicroExcel (USA)
✅ The Discounter App (Dubai)
✅ cMedia (Worldwide)
✅ Turbist
✅ Mostafa Mohamed Husain Banafa CO. (Saudi Arabia)
✅ Christopher Bean

🌟Sales & Marketing Copywriting
🌟Copywriting of sales and marketing content, brochures, articles, blogs, products, services, catalogues, flyers, and any other content you need to sell your products and services more effectively.
🌟Ghostwriting (with full NDA) of articles for top companies, clients and brands for high-end publications such as FORBES, WSJ, the New York Times, Yahoo, Entrepreneur.
🌟Ghostwriting (with full NDA) of your books, eBooks, thesis, blogs, articles, website content, course content, and press releases.
🌟Brand Identity Development & Content Development for your company.
🌟Graphic design with content writing of your marketing and sales brochures, flyers, and catalogues.
🌟WordPress website design with website content writing and Elementor PRO.
🌟 Website Content Writing to help you sell your services and products more effectively, especially helping boost SEO.
🌟Is SEO important to you? No problem, I’m an expert in SEO and will write your content accordingly to SEO principles to help you rank better.

✅ Quality Content That Is Plagiarism Free: I focus on writing quality content from scratch. You’ll never have to worry about plagiarism or copywrite issues.
✅ 5-Star Service: I keep myself accountable and adhere to providing you with a 5-star service level.
✅ Excellent Communication: I believe clear and open communication is the road to success.
✅ Quality Not Quantity: I’m picky about the projects I work on, and don’t just jump into any project I’m invited to by clients. I prefer quality above quantity, and only work on a select number of projects each month. It’s important to me to deliver a quality end-product to you that will help you achieve the outcome you envision.
✅ Respect: I believe mutual respect is important.
✅ Long-Term Relationships: Most clients I’ve worked with has return time and time again over the past 12-years. It important to me to building quality work relationships that will last for years, therefore, give it my all when I work on your project.

The below reviews from clients all over the world will provide you with a better understanding as my service level and work ethic:

🏆 Blog Post Writer Needed for Logo Design Related Blog (5-Stars)
"Great writing quality! Just what we needed!"

🏆 Power Point Presentation (5-Stars)
"Daniel is one of the best people you can work with, we were so tight on time for 2 projects and had tight deadlines however he managed to get the work done in a fast and a perfect way, i really recommend dealing with him as definitely we are going to work with him again in the future, thank you Daniel"

🏆 Need a biography writer to tell my story (short) for a featured post on blogs and publications
"Daniel does a phenomenal job when it comes to writing and even more so meeting the timeline. He provided multiple drafts and asked for feedback and ensured everything was acceptable. He was also very responsive and understanding. Definitely recommend him for any writing gig!"
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Article, Blog Post, Illustration, Presentation, Case Study, Ebook, Product Description, Buyers Guide, Graphic, Direct Mail, Guide, Script, Live Event, Commercial, Documentary
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Moraine Valley Community College, Bsc
Oxford Universtiry, Masters
New York, NY, USA|English, French

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