Adeyosola Adeniyi

Editor, Writer

A creative writer with meticulous writing skills to write stories, edit pieces and translate from foreign languages to English language.

​Fiction writing is a talent and habit I have developed regardless of the fact that my course of study in the university was English Studies. Having a great passion for this, writing comes with ease. Personally, I aim to write to answer societal questions, specifically for the recent generation​ As a creative writer, the society inspires me to write which gives me a better insight to these situations that occur in the society making sure to include the elements of love and time, as these are my trademarks. Basically, I develop stories from happenings in the society in the simplest, yet creative form, for easy understanding for my audience.
However, editing pieces is another area of expertise for me. I love to see things being developed and readdressed which has affected my writing positively. That is,I find pleasure in re modifying a text or piece, ensuring grammatical errors are being corrected.
In addition, being a lover of languages, I have an interest in translating from a language to another. Specifically, from a foreign language to English language.
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Babcock University, Nigeria, B.A. (Hons)
Lagos, Nigeria|English, Spanish

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