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Creative Writer, Editor, Video Gamer, Scale Modeling Enthusiast.

I'm just a kid who's good at what he does: Writing. Believe it or not, I actually started writing by contributing to a Wiki page, making small edits, usually related to trivia or sentence structure.

Eventually, I built an entire page on that Wiki because there was so much about the topic scattered throughout the site.

In my free time, I like to build scale models, watch YouTube, play video games, and read about cars. I enjoy writing about these topics most; They're familiar, and I love to explore them.
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Buyers Guide
Cycling Supplements_ Beginner’s Guide to Best Supplements for Cycling.pdf

This was a different take based on several different sources.

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Buyers Guide
People's Federal Savings and Loans Association.pdf

This was the first review that was requested of me.

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Case Study
Yakima Federal Savings.pdf

This was actually one of the hardest articles to write; Information on this subject was scarce.

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Blog Post
Confused About Corporate_ What's Business Intelligence_.pdf

This was actually the first article I ever wrote for an employer.

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Blog Post
Woodworking For Beginners.pdf

This was a post one of my employers requested I improve.

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Blog Post
Throwback Thursday - Sprinter Trueno.pdf

This was the first article I ever pitched to an employer.

October, 25 2018
Coye Industries

I sometimes post videos here in my free time. They're usually just short clips from my favorite games or interesting moments I catch on camera.

July, 22 2016
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