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I am Adrian, 20 years old, living in Sweden. I have decided I want to become a freelancer in writing. I always knew freelancing was my destination since personal freedom is the core of my philosophy, but I did not know exactly in which field I wanted to apply the concept. Since a while ago, I don't doubt it anymore - I not only want, but I actually crave writing as my full time job. This website gives me the opportunity and I will gladly seize it with all my heart and soul.

My interests range from economics, philosophy and social matters to heavy weight training, running and golfing. I consider myself intelectually and socially skilled and this will benefit you when you hire me. I believe in hard work and enjoy pushing myself to the absolute limit. Trying not to get too cliché, I see hardships as means of learning. Now you have read my bio, formulated to be short and conciesly. Thank you for reading.
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Rudbecks gymnasium, High School
Stockholm, Sweden|English, Persian, Swedish

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