Adrienne Cohen

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Editor, Ghostwriter

Storyteller at heart, journalist by training, traveler by choice

Trained to report the news with accuracy and fairness and to find meaningful stories in unique places, Adrienne Cohen still follows her instincts to get the "real" story, and then she tells it with style and grace, and sometimes with a personal twist. She has traveled extensively, detoured into entrepreneurial ventures that include home building and design, corporate personnel, public relations, urban farming and alternative agriculture. She explores food and culture around the world and in the heartland of America and counts time spent as first mate on a privately-owned motor yacht as some of the best years of her life. She is determined to keep on learning and exploring as long as she lives. Adrienne has written millions of words, under her own byline and as a content producer and ghostwriter; she refuses to be categorized in a single genre, and is always interested in venturing down new paths. She is as curious as a cat, and would love to discuss your needs with you.
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Article, Blog Post, Interview, Press Release, Website Copy, Social Copy, Recipe
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University of Minnesota , BA, Journalism
Fort Worth, TX, USA|Languages

Published Content

Blog Post
Dear Children:

The way to respond to a child's fears about the world and the bad things that happen.

September 11th, 2019
Blog Post
Faraway is close at hand . . .

Commentary about a hometown, a small town in Texas.

September 10th, 2019
Blog Post
After the storm . . .

Remembering a month spent in the northern Bahamas, traveling between the Abacos, Grand Bahama Island and Florida. The news of the devastating damage from Hurricane Dorian prompted this post.

September 6th, 2019
Blog Post
Excursions to the ends of the earth . . .

A day trip to the "end of the world" brings new insights; stunning views and a great lunch at a local cafe!

July 24th, 2019
General Photo
Portugal: Uniquely artistic

Photo montage of public art in Portugal.

July 15th, 2019
Blog Post
Great Portugal Excursions: Tour a Cork Forest

Description and memoir of a wonderful excursion.

July 10th, 2019
A ‘Revival of Spirit’
June 6th, 2019
Meeting a Queen
July 4th, 2019
Blog Post
Graffiti: Art free for all

A photo journey through Portugal, capturing some of the best graffiti and street art!

June 27th, 2019
Blog Post
The Azores: Volcanic rocks in the pond
May 27th, 2019
Blog Post
Filling up on island time . . .

Food and excursions in the Azores.

June 16th, 2019
Another Year Has Passed

Personal Memoir -- History -- 9-11

September 11th, 2018
Press Release
Honor mothers and ‘Our Lady’ at unique wine tasting and meal May 12

Promotion for a local winery dinner and tasting.

May 2nd, 2019
Challenge: Cleaning out a handbag
July 9th, 2018
About that upcoming election . . .
November 5th, 2018
A long time ago . . .
February 17th, 2018
Pushing the Reset Button
March 12th, 2019
Old Salts, Salt Licks and Pretzels . . .
April 1st, 2019
Rituals and memories . . .
April 19th, 2019
Blog Post
Selling to Chefs: Overcoming the Logistic Challenges

A piece about farmers who market directly to restaurant chefs and the dynamic partnerships that result.

January 30th, 2019
Blog Post
Thunder in the Sky

A personal view of a major news event.

December 8th, 2018
Blog Post
Today, and 100 Years Ago . . .

The story of a "grandparents' trip" to explore the interests of a 10-year-old!

August 12th, 2018
Blog Post
Under a wandrin’ star…
January 3rd, 2019
Blog Post
Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

The growing popularity of edible flowers.

November 17th, 2018
The travel bug and what to do about it
October 26th, 2018
More thoughts about Cuba
November 6th, 2018
Cuba: The ‘after’ story
October 29th, 2018
Blog Post
D-Day — so long ago, but not forgotten . . .

Memoir of a trip that was an emotional journey, both personally and historically.

June 5th, 2018
Good Food and Faraway Places

Story of a great ocean liner -- and the effort to save the ship from the scrap heap -- with a personal twist.

July 6th, 2018
Blog Post
The Call of the Old West

A trip to a local museum sparks memories of childhood and growing up in a small western town with a long history as a "cowtown."

November 13th, 2018
The top 10 Middle Eastern airports

Planning travel to the Middle East? Here are the best airports to fly into.

July 21st, 2017
Blog Post
Wichita: A Return to the Old West
October 30th, 2018
Blog Post
The open road: Traveling tips

Tips on how to make a road trip special.

May 10th, 2016
Blog Post
16 Best Businesses to Start in 2017

A review of interesting fields for entrepreneurs in 2017.

November 1st, 2017

Story about up and coming young fashion designers: Triplets from Ghana.

October 11th, 2016
Blog Post
Independence . . . a few thoughts
July 5th, 2018
Life is a celebration . . .
November 12th, 2018
All those ships; and all those seas
July 6th, 2018
Blog Post
The next big adventure
August 16th, 2018
It’s the people, not the places . . .
September 7th, 2018
Time-tripping: A new perspective
September 19th, 2018
Are You Shopping Farmers Markets?
November 9th, 2018
Urban Aquaponics in Fort Worth, TX
February 2nd, 2014
Blog Post
Eating well in Puerto Limon . . .
June 26th, 2017
Internship benefits go both ways
March 7th, 2018
SALADAY: The gift of healthy food
December 3rd, 2017
Fish Tacos at The Fish Grill, Waxahachie
April 19th, 2016
Look Up: The Birds Are Coming
April 20th, 2018
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