Adrienne Newell

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The way I see it isn't the way you see it, or the way it is, or ought to be. What matters is we are all looking for it and a way to see it.

Having a distinct and clear voice is one of the only talents that has ever come naturally to me. It creates a binding web that connects people, breathing life into the indescribable. My mind is a collection of unique pictures, my words are descriptions of those pictures. Writing is an exciting and holy unlayering and one of my most sacred passions. I restarted a personal blog about a year ago and soon after decided to quit my corporate job in a life "trust fall" so I could fully commit to the only thing gift I had that could allow me to build the life I wanted to live. My favorite pieces to write about are centered around grief, emotional wellness & soulful evolution, peppered in with snarky sarcasm and witty banter.

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California State University Long Beach, Journalism
Long Beach, CA, USA|English

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