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My name is Agborbechem Tambi Mbinaka. I am 21. I was born on 22nd September 1997 in Mamfe, a town in the Southwest region of Cameroon. I advocate for Women and Children's right; I love meeting new people and discovering places; Internet savvy, reading, singing and dancing are my hobbies; I am feisty, comic sometimes and I entertain constructive noise. I hate disrespect and I am allergic to heat.
For the last 3 years i have been training young christian who are passionate about dance. I have equally mentored aspiring journalists especially in helping them gain field knowledge. I have published news reports and articles for some renown media organs in the country like the Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV. I have done a series of commercials for some companies in Cameroon and in India.
I can be self-contained , but I create moments for quality time with close friends and family. Positivist, confidence, persistence, handwork and perseverance. These are always my goals and attitude. I pray fervently and I work even harder.
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Advanced School of Mass Communication, ESSTIC, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism
Yaounde, Cameroon|English

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