Agota Danics

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Highly Creative - Out of the Box - Contemporary in every way

I am a born Hungarian, spiritual-artistic and highly creative woman with scientific interest. Analytical and highly sensitive but always getting the "big picture" first. By trade, I am a teacher and tour-guide but I worked long long years as a remote viewer or clairvoyant.
My fields of interests are: Psychology, graphology, microbiology super-soldiers, future or alien technologies, channelings, parallel realities, higher dimensions, live food....etc
My taste is contemporary, out-of-the-box, extraordinary but not exaggerating. Perfectionist but not in a "sick" way.
I am an entrepreneur doing healing services, but my business is specialized around one Service using a Leading-Edge quantum-computer that is one of kind, new invention and really can save people's lives.
I have been living in the States for 18 Years, mostly in New York and I have lived a few years in the French Quarter of NOLA
Yes, I have hungarian accent... - most acquaintances of mine say: never correct it, we love it!

Thanks for reading all the above!
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Gyula Juhasz Teacher Training College, Szeged (Hungary), Bachelor's degree
New York, NY, USA|English, Hungarian

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