Aikaterini Katapodi

Copywriter, Editor, Photographer, Content Strategist, Developmental Editor

Articles on many topics copywriting and editing

I have been working as Freelancer, mainly translator since 2009 already. I have much experience also in copywriting and editing, since 2011. I had always loved to read and write, namely be creative. I have read many books of Univ. level, holding also two Degrees, Bachelor in Greek French Literature and Elearning Certificate MBA level from Open University, Greece, Paper in Philosophy.
I had started writing, (content writing and articles, already in 1988 for first time, besides my Univ. studies). i have written many articles so far in many topics, like Philosophy, Social and Family problems, Christian Religion, and two books of Marketing, since last year-December 2019, currently finishing my second book for a Company, for free so far, to test my capacity in Marketing etc, book is finishign in few weeks, by the way. I have also done Editing in English and French., translating from/to English, Greek, French and Spanish, with large experience so far (since 2009, full time). I was born on 26-03-1962, and I am based on island Lesvos, town Mytilini Greece. I can handle many topics in Copywriting and Editing, except for highly technical texts..-Thank you in adv..
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