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My love for writing led me to an exciting career journey. As a policy researcher in a think tank, I wrote research reports and presented key findings to policy-makers in Brussels, Sarajevo, Ankara, Zagreb, and other major cities. At the same time, working as a business editor and a journalist was an equally rewarding experience as I authored a number of investigative stories, won prestigious awards, developed social media accounts, and efficiently managed a number of contributors. Currently, I’m working as a senior content writer for a consulting company producing tech-focused articles, e-books, and many other types of content.

Apart from full-time jobs, I also had several freelancing gigs. The New York-based startup Wonder hired me to help its clients find answers to a range of questions, while San Francisco-based Detecon Innovation Institute contracted me to update their database of technology trends. I wrote reports for major international foundations such as Oxfam, CARE International, and Schüler Helfen Leben.

I’m grateful for all the opportunities I had to work with amazing people and companies and I hope the future will be equally exciting!
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International University of Sarajevo, Bachelor of Arts - International Relations
International Burch University, MBA
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina|English

Published Content

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