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Hi, I'm Akshay Juneja working professionally as a ghostwriter where I write for myself and for competitions as well.

These days I wrote about a story of a lonely boy who desperately joins a dating site and there he found a young girl and pretend her to be as she is also a girl. The girl is also seeking towards a boy seeking for relation and he helped her to make decisions of life by pretending girl as he is elder bold young female.
So this story is coming up to narrate and they're more fun things and desires achieved within the story to fulfill as boy part and the girl part too.

Besides this, I also wrote motivation articles for some magazine job interviews and love to share out with you down below.
I also write a quit tobacco moment article where we comprise the human body as a cell phone and cigarette as a charger.

My interest in this opportunity is to write for the content which reality check have been phased by me throughout my journey to be a key for multiple readers.
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Symbiosis International University, BBA-IT
Indianapolis, IN, USA|English

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