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I spend most of my hours selling solar energy systems in the Bay Area. After years of passionate effort, I have developed persuasive scripts that get results time after time. Besides selling savings to save the world, I do consulting for sustainability related businesses and have been building a network of professionals interested in these topics, but also in self-sufficiency, automation and clean efficient transportation. By doing this, I have created several facebook pages with my favorite topics where I write short articles, gaining thousands of organic likes and followers.

I have a tendency to exploit the first principles approach, scientifically and technically focusing on things that have never been done. With this I create excitement and curiosity in what I write. It excites me too and I am a relentless researcher!

My areas of expertise include: solar energy, clean renewable energy, vertical farming, sustainable development and design, electric and flying cars, hypersonic mass transportation, automation and self-sufficiency. Sales, Systems and Business Design are my strongest force.

I am currently specializing in Copywriting for these topics and having great results converting readers to leads, and leads to sales. I can help you target tech savy customers and those that need what you offer!
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Louisiana State University, Bachelor of Architecture
Walnut Creek, CA, USA|English, Spanish

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