Alana Calhoun

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Editor, Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

Detail oriented copywriter and editor with experience in content creation, marketing, public relations, and more.

I am a linguist by trade, a skilled writer, editor, and content creator. I think outside the box and have extensive experience with marketing, public relations, editing, content creation, management, and operational processes.

- Competitive bids
- Newsletters
- Company emails
- Social Media content
- Website content
- Business contracts
- Whitepapers
- Technical documents
- Business cards
- Subcontractor agreements
- Workshop PowerPoints
- Research papers
- Checklists
- Brochures
- Credit card authorization forms
- Certificates of Translation
- Requests for public information
- Email templates
- Employee handbooks
- Letters of transmittal
- Accounting manuals
- Pricing quotes
- Video captioning
Content Types
Article, Blog Post, Interview, Product Description, Press Release, Direct Mail, Email Newsletter, Live Event, General Photo, Candid Photography, Product Video, Commercial, General Video, Checklist
More Information
University of North Florida, MS English/ASL Interpreting
Rochester Institute of Technology, BS English/ASL Interpreting
San Antonio College, AAS English/ASL Interpreting
San Antonio College, Deaf Support Specialist
San Antonio, TX, USA|English

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