Aldrin Mediana

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Writer

Results-Driven Sales Copywriter and Marketing Coach

What's the big pain of your business?
Do your audience and leads are responding to your message?
Are you struggling in maximizing your sales profit?

SAVE your TIME and EFFORT for chasing a SOLUTION.

I’m a Freelance Sales Copywriter and Marketing Coach.

My main goal is to help you to get a high-quality engagement, more leads, and make high sales profit.

I've worked in different businesses from startups to established enterprises, 3 years in the corporate world, and 3 years in freelance setup.

This is what I love to do copy critiquing, writing or rewriting sales copy, and marketing pieces in a direct and conversational tone so readers will take action whether it's for

✅ Social Media
✅ Website
✅ Advertorial
✅ Home, Squeeze or Landing Page
✅ Sales Page - Short or Long-Form
✅ Sales Letter or VSL Script
✅ Email Marketing Campaign - Engagement with Sales Autoresponder Series, Lead Nurturing or Sales Sequence, Cold Email Copy, Crafting Subject Line or First Line
✅ Sales Funnel - Facebook Ad, Landing Page, and Email Welcome Series

🙋‍♂️📩 Contact Me to get a FREE consultation to know if we're a good fit.
Content Types
Landing Page, Narrative Video, Website Copy, Script, Product Video, Direct Mail, Blog Post, Email Newsletter, Social Copy
More Information
Institute Of Creative Computer Technology, Associate Degree - Computer Hardware Servicing
Cainta, Rizal, Philippines|English

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