Alejandro Díaz

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I write persuasive copy that makes your leads take action … A lot of action

Hi there, I'm Alejandro … I'm going to tell it like it is: I have just started my journey in copywriting.

I have to tell it like this. Because I'm hungry. I'm hungry to help you. I'm hungry to create successful copy that connects with your clients and makes them take action and generate revenue for you. Because if you succeed and I bring more value to you than anyone else, then I will succeed.

I have set out and decided to become a great copywriter. One of the best out there.

You can be sure that I'll make anything in my hands to write the copy that'll make you stand out. That'll bring in more benefits for you and your clients that you thought you could get. And, simply, that'll sell more.

Why should you trust the beginner?

Because there are things that only someone who's starting out will do. Things that make you stand out and become trustworthy.

• Work harder … but also smarter. I will give my all, my best, my biggest effort in every project. I will research whatever I have to research to know everything I need to know about what I'm talking about. To know who I'm talking to. To sound like one of them. And to make them say, "Yes, I wanna get this." Because if that's what I need to do to get established in the market that's what I'll do.

• Deliver what I promise. I cannot afford to slack. You have stuff that needs to get done. If I don't deliver what I promise to you, that's damage I cannot undo. A beginner cannot afford that. You'll only get the best of me. Not only because that's what I need to give but because that's what you deserve.

• Be bolder. People that come with a beginner's mind come up with fresh ideas and new angles. Complex-free but results-driven. Because if my ideas are cool and original but don't sell then they don't count. I will test until I find the perfect idea to make your copy stand out and bring those results in.

• Complete honesty. Be it talking numbers and fair fees. Or admitting when I don't know something. Or admitting mistakes and obviously fixing them ASAP. You can expect complete transparency from me. Open and honest communication that'll make a more lasting relationship between you and me. That'll allow us to work together more if you decide to do so. And that'll make your copy one that'll perform better than any other copy you have paid for.

• Keep growing up. Setting new goals. Improving in every aspect. Coming up with better and more exciting ideas. Generating more action from your leads. More connection with your customers. More engagement. Providing more benefit. Selling more.

If you decide that this bold new copywriter on the block, that sometimes has a weird sense of humor and an absurdly hyperactive mind is a good fit for you, or if you want to try my services, or if you're curious to know more about me go ahead and contact me. Let's talk and do something together.
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