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If you’re like most of my clients, you know creative content marketing and killer copywriting are fundamental to the success of your business.

But with so much to do to keep your business growing, you don’t have time to learn how to write sales copy that actually sells or create a content marketing strategy that connects with your target audience.

Not to mention doing the actual writing for those blog posts and sales pages (your time is probably better spent on other things anyway).

You’ve been disappointed with your traffic and conversions so far but with an overwhelming number of things to do, you’ve put off doing anything about it until now.

So you’ve come to ClearVoice, looking for someone that can craft creative content and killer sales copy to help you reach more people and make more sales.

But your troubles aren’t over just yet; it isn’t easy to find someone who can create the high-quality content you need.

Sure, plenty of people will gladly take your money to write a blog post, but without any understanding of how to identify exactly what your target audience is looking for.

On top of questionable grammar and a bland writing style – most of them can’t deliver the audience attention you’re looking for.

Many will gladly make a similar offer for “copywriting.”

But even if they actually understand the psychology of persuasive writing, most will write something that reads like a bad piece of junk mail – which puts you off just as much as your potential customers.

You need content so valuable to your target audience, they’re practically compelled to share (and consume) each and every piece.

You need sales copy that sells without the “salesy” language that sends most people running these days.

This is where I come in…

Imagine generating more sales with copywriting so good, your customers will thank you for making them an offer.

Imagine how much easier making those sales will be when you not only have a larger audience to sell to,] but one that loves you so much they buy and share everything you make.

I’ll help you expand your audience and increase sales with the kind of content your readers devour and the killer-poet copy that leads to them opening their wallets time and again.


“Alex is very thoughtful about the work and is quick to suggest new ideas when appropriate. He takes a lot of pride in his work and ensures a consistent quality across assignments--everything from landing page copy to blog content to social media campaigns. I'd work with him again for sure!”

“Alex did a great job on this project. He not only created great work but added additional value and ideas to the project! Really great to work with!”

“Working with Alex is such a pleasure. He’s a professional in every sense of the word. I’m extremely satisfied with the results of his contribution to our business. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to working with him on future projects.”

“Alex is a very talented writer who is not only pleasant to work with, but is also very reliable. We gave him a topic to write about along with general instructions, and minus a few small revisions, the content was exactly what we were looking for: on topic, on tone, and on brand - and quantified. ”

Whether you’re looking to rewrite your existing copy or have something created from scratch, I can help you with:

*Website Content (Tell your story through Home Pages, About Pages, Services Pages, etc)

*Landing Pages/Sales Pages (Gain more subscribers and customers with these)

*SEO Blog Posts and Articles (That attract more traffic and keep your audience engaged)

*Lead Magnets (To convert casual readers into prospects)

*Email Marketing Campaigns (By far the most effective sales channel)

And because I only deliver high-quality work (that I know you’ll love), I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with the results – or I won’t charge you a thing.

So take a deep breath and relax (for a moment at least).

You’ve found the creative content marketer and killer copywriter you’re looking for.

Ready to get started?

Contact me when today and I'll do my best to get back to you ASAP.
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Published Content

Fast Food to $50/Hr: 3 Principles I’ve Used to Make It as a Freelancer

This article is part personal story, part helpful guide in which I talk about the strategies and techniques I used to go from working in restaurants to doing the consulting work I do today.

September, 23 2016
Blog Post
How I Got My Photos Published from a Free Trip to Paradise

This is a blog post that I helped a client with by providing a lot of feedback and coaching to improve the writing, as well as some consulting on how to get the post published on PetaPixel.

May, 17 2018
Blog Post
How to Get Google Reviews for Your Business: The Beginner’s Guide

This is a longer-form post I created for a client using the “skyscraper technique” - where I went through all the top posts for our target keyword, made sure we had more high-quality content than them and also aimed to target more keywords and get featured snippets using keyword rich subheadlines.

April, 26 2017
Blog Post
10 Fundamental Steps of Every Successful Stocktaking Process

This is an example of an SEO blog post that I wrote for a B2B SaaS client that is currently ranked #1 on Google and drives nearly 1,700 new visitors/month to the site.

June, 3 2017


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LinkedIn Lead Generation Funnel

This is a diagram of a sales funnel strategy that I helped a client develop, outlining the content of our funnel and the path we were guiding prospects down, including landing pages, email drip campaigns, and PPC ads.

PDF upload
Blog Traffic and Ranking Keywords Growth

This is an analytics screenshot that shows how I tripled organic traffic to my client’s blog and tripled the number of keywords their website ranked for.

PDF upload
Interview Name Feedback Survey

This is an example of a survey I created and got responses for to test/validate names for one of my clients. In this client’s case, it was a good thing we did that testing: while he liked all three names, he was partial to “PixPub.” But after our testing, he ultimately went with “PhotoPort” as that was the clear winner with his target market in both this survey and the Facebook Ads we ran!

PDF upload
Generating Brand, Product, Company Names

My general process for generating names and validating them with potential customers is designed to not only choose a name you like but one that speaks to your target market as well. The full process is this: - Generate a list of root and related words - Pare that list down based on your preference, naming best practices, and availability - Test 2-3 top names with Facebook Ads and surveys to find out which performs the best with your target market This is how I do the first two steps to give you an idea of how I’d approach finding your name.

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Keyword Research Process

The first is the general process I use to find valuable keywords for my client’s copy and content. For copy, this helps me identify words and phrases that are likely to resonate with the target audience. And for blog content, this helps ensure my client ranks for keywords that have a good amount of volume and are valueable to their business goals.

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SEO Audit Process

This is is the general process and tools I use to audit a site’s SEO for keyword placement, technical improvements, as well as content relevance and quality to ensure we have our on-page and on-site bases covered to maximize rankings and CTR.

PDF upload
Sales Team Persona

This is a deliverable I created for my client’s sales team that summarized the jobs/pains/gains of their top two customer personas, as well as pros and cons of their software compared to top competitors. This helped clarify key selling points for veteran salespeople as well as helped onboard new sales staff more quickly.

Landing Pages/Website Copy

Website Copy
About Us

This is an About Us page I created for a B2B services client, along with all the other content on this site. It speaks to the client’s needs using a professional-yet-personal tone that I think would work well for your client’s content/copy.
Website Copy
Get Mount Zero’s Full Story Today

This is the landing page I created to showcase and provide a brief summary of a case study I created for a client; I handled everything from designing the page UX to creating the copyand publishing the page on my client's website.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Video
Product Integration Explainer Video

This is a video I produced from start to finish - from creating the script and storyboard to getting the voice over, music, and animations created! It should give you an idea of my script writing experience.

Lead Magnets

PDF upload
Case Study
Client/Customer Case Study

This is a case study I created - handling everything from customer outreach through content writing and graphic design/layout to produce a beautiful, compelling piece that tells the story of how my client’s company provides value to their customers.


PDF upload
Outreach Email Templates

This is a series of emails for a cold/warm campaign I created to generate interviews with my client's customers (for market research and case study creation). I also built a spreadsheet to automate the sending of the emails and tracking our conversion rates - we’re getting a 35% response rate and a 21% conversion rate for respondents (I’d share but it has customer data in it)!

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