Alex Davourlis

Content Strategist, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Photographer, Writer

live, write ,explore ,repeat.

I'm a student of law by day.During my day i write stories while listening to music. I 'm a book worm myself, having a big library full of books ,in which i like to add new books. I think that both books and movies are worlds to explore. So in order to do that, it' s necessary to create a nice book or movie, as well as being in a position .where you can evaluate the result objectivingly. I like writing stories bout past present experiences . It is as creative as photography, because both exist ,so as to catch the moment one verbally the other by picture.
For these reasons i think of writing like an art of a sort between photography, cinema, sketching .
i'll be happy to write for art, books ,entertainment ,food, gender themes i m experienced of thinking ,writing , talking about.
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Case Study, Headshot, Guide, Infographic, Article, Blog Post, Checklist, Interview, Recipe
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Univristy paris 13, graduation
Location|English, French

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