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Reality - is yet to be invented.

Alex is a Sicilian polymath, world-traveler, writer and Entrepreneur with 10+ years of Experience in Business Strategy and Analysis. In business since his 17 - spanning from trading to algorithm design - in the last years he dedicated to his passion for problem solving and financial modeling. Advisor to multiple Blockchain projects, his main research is focused on the white-intersection between Storytelling, self-organizing systems and peer-to-peer economics.
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Tallinn, Estonia|English, French, Italian, Russian

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A non-Deterministic Tale. PoS-net resistance to human behavior (Part 2).pdf

Part 2 (of 5) - The invention of trust: Smart Contracts, Hybrid protocols & TPoS
A Non-Deterministic Tale: PoS-net Resistance to Human Behavior

Part 1 (of 5) - New Forms of Governance: Overview of 1st-Gen Consensus Protocols

November, 28 2018
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Investing in Ethereum. A Post-Ideological Risk Analysis.pdf
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Ad/Promotional Copy
How to invest in Blockchain - a survival guide by Kepler Finance.pdf
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Crypto­-Custody. A comprehensive Guide.pdf

A comprehensive guide about existing crypto-custodial solutions, and an overview of the relationship between Crypto and traditional spheres in a financial and regulatory optic.
Case Study
OpenGift — Benefits & Features: Case Study, part 3 – OpenGift – Medium
August, 6 2018
Case Study
OpenGift — Benefits & Features: Case Study, part 2
July, 30 2018
Case Study
OpenGift — Benefits & Features: Case Study, part 1
July, 28 2018
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