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In today's business and virtual environments, content is king. Quality content is what hooks your target audience, and keeps them coming back for more. It builds trust with your market and customers, and creates the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Whether you need a SEO-ready blog post to promote a new product line, an in-depth grammar and structure edit for your website copy, or something completely out of left field (a children's book, perhaps?), I am here to help you realize and meet your goals.

I have been providing freelance writing services on and off for over six years, through many different outlets. While my educational background tends to be more marketing and sales focused, I have always had an immense passion for the written word, that stretches far beyond a hobby-level interest.

Get in touch with me! I'm excited to hear about your project, and how I may be able to help.

Content Types
Article, Ebook, Product Description, Website Copy, Script, Blog Post, Ad/Promotional Copy
More Information
Bowling Green State University, Studied Journalism
University of Toledo, Marketing/Sales
University of Illinois Springfiled, Studied Management Information Systems
Maumee, OH, USA|English

Published Content

Social Copy
OneOpinion Online Surveys SurveyPolice Profile

Employed with OneOpinion online survey panel, handling public responses to negative reviews/feedback. Example of writing in formal/corporate tone.

October, 25 2018
Blog Post
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Game Review

Review of video game Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Part 2. Satirical/tongue-in-cheek take.

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Product Description
Jedi Bomb Squad Alumni - a tactical retreat -EP- Deluxe Edition - Eco_sleeve_Tactical_Retreat_with_spine_text.jpg

Involvement in the production, writing, and recording aspects of several music acts. Relevant links can be found below- Many art designs were outsourced, but I worked very closely with each artist to turn my concepts and ideas into a reality.

March, 3 2014
Ghostly Urges 5 (Hayley Spectre)

Ghostly Urges is a 5-book paranormal erotic romance series. All 5 short stories are available on Amazon's Kindle store.

November, 5 2018
Ghostly Urges (Hayley Spectre Book 1)

Ghostly Urges is a 5-book paranormal erotic romance series. All 5 short stories are available on Amazon's Kindle store, as well as Amazon's Kindle Unlimited service.

October, 15 2018
Hip Hop Instrumental Beats - What to Look For, What to Avoid

Articles written on as a means to promote keywords and backlinks for an affiliate marketing site

August, 17 2009
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Blog Post
Kei-Shon Son Album Review

Music album review written for personal blog, commissioned on

October, 10 2012
Image upload
Blog Post
The Mighty Pirate Album Review

Music review written for personal blog. Commissioned from

October, 10 2012
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