Alexander Roselli

Editor, Videographer, Writer, Managing Editor

If writing is your forte, don’t allow yourself to burn out. Take the necessary steps to ensure you don’t fatigue of putting the words onto the sheet. It’s as easy as only writing a few pages a day.

Hi there,

My main proficiency's are writing screenplays, video editing and all aspects post production. The programs I use are Final Draft, Premiere Pro and After Effects. However, I have ascertained a certain level of skill in other programs as well, such as: Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools and Davinci Resolve.

I typically run on my own computer setup and have worked on a handful of short films and short videos over the past 2 years. I am currently writing 2 feature films and many more short films.

I am friendly and enthusiastic with a highly focused mentality on working in the industry.
I would be ecstatic to continue creating content for as many years as I can and entertain as many people as possible along the way. For me, not only should a filmmaker love his work, but he should enjoy making an audience get involved in characters and thus, get an emotional response. That is the beauty of the medium after all.

Please feel free to view my reel and any of my previous work. Good day!
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Narrative Video, Aerial Photo, Script, Music Video
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New York Film Academy, 1 Year Conservatory
Boston, MA, USA|English

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