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Intellectually curious, obsessed with Philosophy

I am interested in a wide variety of subjects, as I have always had a strong desire to find out how the world works. Because I also have a natural inclination toward humanities, my learning efforts generally fell in the realm of history, philosophy, politics and economics, as well as the arts. I am currently studying music; in the past, I have studied philosophy, and these two are my greatest passions.

However, the Greek philosophers believed that, for a young person to develop harmoniously, athleticism was just as important as the pursuit of wisdom. Therefore, to honor Greek tradition, I made physical fitness a priority. I am actually a certified fitness trainer, a traditional martial artist, and I also like to swim from time to time. I know quite a bit about nutrition, general fitness, powerlifting and bodybuilding technique.

I am currently working as a freelance writer and have been writing and doing research on a diverse range of topics: marketing, tech, insurance, banking and many more. Speaking of my professional history, I have three years of experience with customer service and one year of experience as an assistant teacher, working with children with disabilities. To conclude, I would just say that I am always looking to try and learn more about the things that intrigue me and hope that I can be of use to others in the process.
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