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I will Write Try to read It and it Will Melts in Your Mind Not in your Mouth

My name is Algine Oliva I'm 27 Yrs Old From Philippines

Honestly as a Writer it allows me to feel like I am doing something.

I could be working day in and day out, spending eight hours sitting in front of a computer doing pointless tasks that provide no value to anyone and will likely be reverted in a matter of months, simply to make more money for the executives of the giant corporation I work for. But if I write something every day I feel that I have created something new, something unusual and something that only I could have created at this time. I may not have written anything great but after writing something exists which did not exist before.

I might feel like my life is essentially pointless, that I am staying static in the others skills that I am learning but every time i write I know that I am - at least in some small way - getting better at writing. I get to pretend that, even if what I write today is crap, someday I might be able to write something truly great. it gives me a bit of hope.

I might spend hours alone every day and not have many close friends but when I write I feel like I am participating in an activity, a tradition, in which some of the greatest minds to have ever lived have also participated. When i read great literature it is one of the few times that I feel as if someone has experienced something similar to what I experience and when I write I get to participate in this grand, international, time-transcending conversation.

It is an endless task. No matter where i am, how old I am, what my circumstances are as long as I have something to write on and something to write with, I can engage in this activity. If Celine and Solzhenitsyn can do it in their circumstances I can do it in whatever circumstances I am in.

I only enjoy writing (in the traditional sense of ‘enjoyment’) somewhat rarely but I nearly always find the act of writing ‘fulfilling’ in a sort of existential or spiritual sense.
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