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Converting The Interest in Civil Engineering, Architecture and Structures Into Words

I'm a civil engineering student just about to graduate from college, but my journey within the field started out way back in high school, when I was awarded the title of Building Technician. Since then, I had the opportunity to get work experience at an engineering firm and then pursue the academic path. As a freelancer, I've written for many websites, engineering-related or not, and helped them with other tasks as well, such as podcast show notes and episode summaries.

I'm passionate about structures and their evolution throughout history. It's simply inspiring to be able to build structural systems that, in the past, ware considered impossible to conceive. The endless search for innovation and improvement is the drive that keeps the world, and each individual in it, running.

My areas of expertise are: Technical writing for engineering websites, content writing for non-engineering websites, show notes for podcasts, editing, proofreading, as well as translations to/from Portuguese from/to English. I create clear, accurate and engaging content that will boost your website/blog and make your life easier. Looking forward to working with you. As we say in Brazil: Abraços! 
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Henrique Lage Technical School, Building Technician
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Bachelor in Civil Engineering
Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil|English, Portuguese

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