Allen Abolodje

Content Strategist, Copy Editor, Copywriter, Developmental Editor, Editor, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Technical Writer, Videographer, Writer, Managing Editor

Maintaining a strong customer relationship is my watchword

Welcome! My name is Allen Abolodje, a 25 year old Content writer & Graphic Designer from California
I started developing my design skill in early 2006, where I would rewrite contents, and make it better then the original copy.
Currently, I specialise in affordable, reliable and creative writing. With the help of my endless experience, I have managed to build not only a progressive portfolio but a great customer service relationship with all of my customers.
I’m continously learning new tools and progressing in my field. Therefore, I’m constantly looking for unique opportunities that will help me widen my skill set as a Content writer.
Content Types
Article, Ebook, Case Study, Buyers Guide, Documentary, Direct Mail, Graphic, Blog Post, Corporate Photo, Commercial, Checklist, Whitepaper, Social Copy, Website Copy, Interview, Product Description, Press Release, Ad/Promotional Copy, Video, Infographic Copy, Email Newsletter, Guide, Presentation, Infographic, Motion Graphic, Page Layout, Illustration, Animation, Headshot, Live Event, General Photo, Aerial Photo, News Photography, Candid Photography, Studio Photography, Product Photography, Corporate Video, Product Video, Explainer Video, Social Video, Narrative Video, News Video, Music Video, General Video, Recipe, Landing Page
More Information
California business school , BBA
California City, CA, USA|English

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