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My name is Althea Reader, a trained teacher and veteran freelance writer with over seven years of experience. My experience includes being a Content Strategist for an international student recruitment company and multi-solutions provider within the higher education industry. I am presently the Secretary and Marketing Assistant for a UK-based Accreditation Company. Propelled by strong research and copywriting skills, I write, proofread and edit a range of materials to include site content, reports, newsletters, articles, eBooks, proposals (RFPs), books, press releases, promotional emails, product descriptions, and I also develop e-courses.
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Shortwood Teachers' College, Diploma
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The power of next generation platforms in supply chain planning

Next generation platforms are the game changers in how businesses are able to adequately respond to today’s dynamic market environment. ERP systems lack the ability to efficiently capture and provide managers with real-time data and is therefore a high-risk option for powering your global supply chain network. Anna Plans connected planning system does more than bridge the gaps of ERP systems. It is a cutting edge planning, budgeting, and forecasting platform that has revolutionized the business operations of countless organisations.

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Unified data for better payroll management and risk aversion

Risk management in today’s volatile business environment can be daunting, what with all the tasks, resources, deliverables, and stakeholders that must be efficiently managed to ensure success. The development of effective risk strategies is even more difficult when executives resort to using “sound intuition” in lieu of hard data. The issue that causes managers to resort to the use of instinctive insight, that of many risks not being readily visible, is the very reason that necessitates the use of a unified governance and integration platform solution to present data that is correct and readily available to data users throughout the organisation. Leaders can then use this unified data to back up their intuition. The bottom line is that rather than relying on intuition, an enterprise must have confidence in their data and its ability to deliver efficiency and protection.

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Great tool wrong application

As the marketplace continues to evolve, Excel continues to lose grounds as the go-to technology for budgeting and planning. Businesses are increasingly turning to emerging technologies for help to keep their business competitive and to gain an advantage. Excel is a great tool and still holds relevance for many small businesses and those just starting out, but other than that its limitations negatively impact performance and hampers an organisation’s integrated business planning progress. Microsoft will no doubt continue to build on its existing tool to bring it on par with modern technology and the agility needed for this fast-paced global business environment, but until then, entities that are complex in nature are best served moving on to adopt integrated business planning and to ensure best practices for today’s global market.
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