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Content Strategist, Technical Writer, Writer

Technical Communications major studying web content creation and business technical writing.

As said in my tagline, I am a 3.8 GPA college student studying technical writing and social media managing at ASU. My degree is specifically designed to familiarize me with dozens of different kinds of technical writing including business writing (memos, annual reports, proposals), social media content creation (blog posts, Facebook posts, Instagram, LinkdIn) and website development (Wix, Weebly). I have around three years of technical communication experience and 1-2 years of social media content creation experience. Technical Communications is an incredibly intense program with 7-week courses (that are a semesters worth of work) specifically designed to familiarize each student with the development process. We even have to serve different clients in some programs just like one would do in the freelancing world. In other words, we are forced to work with tight timelines with an expectation of near perfection.

Why should you hire me to do your content creating? For one, my degree program is one of the few programs in the United States and one of the only in Arizona. It is an intense program that is meant to push us to our limits and scare off any content creators who cannot handle the pressure. Want another reason? My content is just as good as my prices. Since I am not freelancing full-time, I am willing to work for as little as $30 dollars an hour and I even give discounts in some situations. Whatever price I give you is always the maximum you will pay. There's no fuss, no worry, no panic. I need a bigger portfolio and you need great content! Feel free to visit my linkedIn page for more information.
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Published Content

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Portfolio Ex 4 (Unsollicited Proposal).pdf

This is an unsolicited proposal I did for my Technical Communications for Manager's class. My professor gave me a 100%, although she said some of the writing was a small bit informal, so I really worked on fixing that in my future proposals.

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Blog Post
Portfolio Ex 7 (Copy-edited Client).pdf

This is a copy-edit project I did for my Technical Communications Editing class. The PDF messed up my formatting so the sections go, copy-edited draft, memo to the professor, the original document and then my final draft. I sincerely apologize for the formatting problems but I could not really find an easy way to make everything look nice.
Blog Post
Coconut Hut AZ

This is a blog I created for the CoconutHut website. I created this for one of my first technical communications classes.

September 17th, 2017
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Social Media Proposal Final.pdf

This is a social media proposal I created for the Poly Marketing team. This is a real proposal I created for them and they loved it. We have yet to get approval from upper management to start, but we are hopeful that it won't be much longer.
Website Copy
Coconut Hut AZ

This is a website I created for one of my first technical communications class. It is by no means perfect, but I still think I did a good job. The website's information was based on Coconut Hut AZ's own website. It was a disaster and sadly does not exist anymore.

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Blog Post
Portfolio Ex 10 (Facebook mockposts for the EDS Society).pdf

This is a document where I created 12 Facebook posts for the Ehlers-Danlos Society. I created this for my Social Media in the Workplace class. My professor gave me a 100%

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