Alyssa King

Copywriter, Ghostwriter, Writer

Just an girl trying to create original taglines...

A few fun facts:

-I love kittens and snow. When you put them together it’s magical.
-If I had to pick one specific food to eat for the rest of my life, I choose Oreos. How can you beat unlimited flavors? Plus, it’s my cat’s name. I chose it just so I could occasionally shout, “LONG LIVE KING, OREO!” (I should probably mention, King is our last name.)
-Do-wop is my jam. I listen to 50s on 5 every morning on the way to work.
-Harry Potter is my nerd obsession. Hufflepuff, hands down.
-Poetry is my secret mistress. Sometimes I don’t understand it, but I snap anyway.
-Cotton Candy Burritos are a nifty idea
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University of Kansas, Bachelors
Kansas City, MO, USA|English

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