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A Gaming Enthusiast, and a Writer for the Entrepreneurs

I will forewarn anyone looking for a writer, I am in fact 15. However, I am a jack of all trades you could say. I have a plethora of knowledge about various topics, as well as grammar passing my age by at least a couple of years. With my know-how of Generation Z and various topics ranging from gaming, literature, music, art, technology, and etc I will put all of my ambition into helping you create exactly what you need. I would call my work ethic outstandingly impressive considering my age and I will use that to help you in every way possible. I do go to online school, meaning I have more time to work on what you need, and stay on track. I'm extremely friendly, dependable, and ready to be at your service. I have a lot of experience in preforming arts, and I'm saving up to buy Photoshop in order to expand my skills as I have taken a graphic design class before, I just don't have the money to move forward with it.
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Saginaw, TX, USA|English

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