Amanda Johnson

(Content)Writing Wizard with Chameleon-like Skills

I'm a content-crafting wizard dedicated to producing authentic, enthralling material and disgusted by rank and file offerings.

I believe it's not the size of your vocabulary that matters but how you use it . . . and since I can wield my expansive vocabulary better than Vader can swing a lightsaber, I'm doubly effective.

Four years of grad school taught me source material snobbery and how to explain complex ideas in even more complex language. Two years of teaching freshman English at community college molded my snobbery into discernment and my complex explanations into "Writing for Dummies" worthy instruction.

These last (almost) five years of freelancing on a multitude of project types and working with a variety of clients have allowed me to finely hone my foundational writing skills and add an intriguing cocktail of more specialized ones. Care for a sip?
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