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Not many would assume that being born in a cornfield, raised by wolves in the heart of Amish Country, Pennsylvania has its advantages. One might argue that a small town with one road and a 30 minute drive for views not photo-bombed by hay-stacks and horses could in fact curb those crucial years of development and exploration in an impressionable child's life. As it turned out, having nothing better to do than stare at stunning mountain and valley vistas from day one until 18 years later when I executed my escape churned out a need to occupy boredom by summoning the letters of the alphabet to tell elaborate and impossible lies about worlds hidden deep in the Pine Grove mountains and the secret lives of its seemingly bucolic peoples.

I admit I have no formal training in the art of storytelling and little professional experience. I am not (yet) published, haven't won a Pulitzer, nor gained international attention by mating teenage girls with possessive sparkly vampires. I have, however, exploited nearly 20 years worth of trees (consequence of suppression perhaps?) by filling notebook after notebook with my own version of life, entertaining millions (okay, not quite millions... a handful of coerced friends, maybe).

As it is, I love writing. I love seeking out new and unique ways of telling someone's story. I often liken the experience to DNA; 4 simple protein bases, (A, C, T, & G), but when arranged in different ways are capable of producing an infinite number of completely unique living things. The same can be said of storytelling. If 4 unassuming bases can have such an impact, the possibilities that accompany 26 letters (and that's just one language, sans punctuation) are all the more endless (how's that for nerding out?)!

While I write mostly fiction as a hobby, I work with businesses and individuals to tell very real, but creative eye-catching stories that not only draw in clientele but provide advantages against the competition.
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Southern New Hampshire University, Bachelor of Arts - English Literature
U.S. Air Force Academy, CO 80840, USA|English

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