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My name is Amna Tambra. I am currently a student in college.
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Stephen F Austin High School , High School Diploma
Richmond, TX, USA|English

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Apologizing is not easy. This is about why it is important to apologize to others.

July, 12 2018
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This piece is written is about fashion and what fashion should mean to you.

March, 10 2018
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December 19, 2017

Everyone has ups and down with their family's but at the end of the day they love them more than anything. This thing I wrote is about my family and why I am thankful for them inmy life.

December, 19 2017
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February 25, 2018

Many people today get bullied. This article tells you information on bullying and how to observe it. It tells you the different types of bullying there is.

February, 25 2018
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Social Media

Social Media to me is a positive and negative thing in today's generation. This article is about how it consumes you so much that you forget there is a world outside of it.

July, 11 2018
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My blog

My blog is about things I feel or think is important to me. I want to change the world with my writing in a positive way.

July, 11 2018
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