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I think we each have another side to ourselves that we should get know better.

I have worked in the Security field for around 28 years in total; 22 years in August with the same client. My passion is writing; my first manuscript is on the way to being published. I have a public blog on Wordpress, in which I share on Twitter and FaceBook, I have 3 articles published in our little community paper, and I have written many articles for my church bulletin. My goal is to become a fulltime published author; there's nothing I want more and there is nothing more gratifying than finding what your role is in this world. My favorite is writing fiction, but I'm open to writing anything, including pieces that could help people. I believe that I write what I feel guided to write and God sends me the readers who may need to read my words. But that doesn't mean that I write all spiritual or inspirational in the religious sense; I love writing fiction because I can create characters relatable to my readers and to myself. I love the fact that I go into a story with certain ideas and suddenly I start writing something completely unplanned and I end up loving it even more than my original ideas, and what's more, I find it truly liberating. I have discovered that I can go from inspirational to a very dark story at any time; and I can combine both in one story, which is what I have with my first manuscript.

Family is the most important to me; that includes distant and extended family. I have been researching family history and my ancestry during down times in writing. I'm happily married for 19 years this June 19th to my very best friend, Jeff. On November 9, 2016, Jeff was diagnosed with End Stage Renal and a rare form of Polycystic Kidney Disease/Failure. Because of the nature of this terminally ill disease, Jeff was forced to go on full disability; which NOT working has been just as awful for him as the disease itself. He served in the Persian Gulf War in the United States Navy and has worked most of his life, starting with a paper route at the age of 12. Because we do not have the luxury of time, I'm finding myself pushing all the harder for a fulltime writing career so I can take care of Jeff and spend as much time together as possible; he's not just my best friend and husband, he's my soulmate. Writing is my true passion and gift, and clearly the only realistic at home career for me.

As you may see from my profile picture, I'm a huge baseball fan; the New York Yankees being my team. At first I wasn't going to use that picture and thought that I should be posting a professional photo of myself, but I don't have a professional picture and that picture with my favorite hat is the REAL ME; what you see, is what you get. I dress for comfort, not style or approval from other people. As it is, I have to be in a uniform for at least 40 hours a week, so the minute I get home I immediately get that uniform off and change back into the real me.
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