Ana Pauline Soldevilla

Technical Writer, Writer, Managing Editor

Flexible, creative, and focuses on making her clients thrive!

My name is Ana and I can do all sorts of different things! Currently an Aeronautical Engineering student, but with a heart for writing, creating, and painting. I've been exposed to different cultures growing up as I spent half of my life living in Europe and the other half in the opposite part of the world, the Philippines. I've attended a public school, a private school, an all-girls school, and currently, a Catholic University. I have delved in organisation works, publication, videography and many more. I have lived in the city and in the province... I could go on but what I really want to point out is that I am flexible and I am open. I have experienced working with all kinds of people in my short but fulfilling lifetime and I will have no problems in continuing to do so however demanding the circumstances.
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Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines|English, Irish

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