Andrea Little Limbago

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PhD Computational social scientist researching and writing at the intersection of cybersecurity, technology, and geopolitics

Dr. Andrea Little Limbago is the Chief Social Scientist at Virtru, where she researches and writes on cybersecurity, privacy, geopolitics, and technological innovation. She previously was a technical leader at Endgame, where she directed the company’s technical content, and served as editor-in-chief of the Endgame blog. Her writing has been featured in numerous outlets, including Politico, the Hill, VentureBeat, Forbes, War on the Rocks, and Dark Reading, and she has presented at a range of security conferences (e.g., Enigma, DerbyCon BSidesLV, SXSW), government conferences (e.g. SOCOM’s Global Synchronization), and in academia (e.g. International Studies Association Annual Conference). She has previously worked in academia and at the Joint Warfare Analysis Center, and has excelled in interdisciplinary environments in both the public and private sectors. While at JWAC, Andrea received the Command’s top award for technical excellence for her analytic support across the Department of Defense. Andrea holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder, where she taught a variety of international relations and foreign policy courses, and a bachelor’s degree from Bowdoin College.
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Published Content

Nation-State Phishing: A Country-Sized Catch
October, 29 2018
Owning the Quantum Keys to the Kingdom
November, 16 2018
No time for stalling: The urgent need for an election hacking response
July, 24 2018
Smaller Nation State Attacks: A Growing Cyber Menace
July, 18 2018
Trump Could Address a Major Security Problem At His Putin Summit — But He Won’t
July, 16 2018
Mueller’s Bombshell Russia Indictments May Mark A New Era For American Democracy
February, 19 2018
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January, 30 2018
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January, 29 2018
Why So Few Women Work In Cyber Security (And How We Can Change It)
January, 29 2018
What the rise of cyber indictments means for 2018
January, 10 2018
Why cybersecurity workers are some of the hardest to retain
November, 11 2017
The ‘Hacking Back’ Bill Isn’t the Answer to Cyberattacks
October, 31 2017
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October, 12 2017
China’s Global Charm Offensive
August, 28 2017
Destructive cyberattacks are only going to get worse
September, 13 2017
The dangers of hacking back
May, 31 2017
WannaCry malware is just the latest warning sign when it comes to global cyber insecurity
May, 15 2017
DOJ indictment of Russian hackers shows attribution is possible

DOJ indictment of Russian hackers shows attribution is possible

March, 20 2017
Opinion: The trouble with Trump's Russia reset
February, 8 2017
Opinion: Trump’s internet opportunity
January, 11 2017
Why Washington must help U.S. companies respond to cyberattacks
December, 14 2016
The global push for cyber sovereignty Is the beginning of cyber fascism
December, 14 2016
What’s Making Some Women in Cyber So Tired – Context: By New America
November, 1 2016
Predicting heightened malicious cyber activity, the old fashioned way
July, 20 2016
Brexit security implications: Major, and only starting to unfold
June, 30 2016
Opinion: No one knows how to define cyberwar – and that's a problem
May, 20 2016
The Real “Weakest Link” In Security Isn’t What You Think
May, 4 2016
When Unicorns are the Majority
April, 7 2016
From the Silver Screen to Cybersecurity
January, 19 2016
One Size Does Not Fit All: The Multifaceted Nature of Cyber Statecraft
July, 1 2015

Sample Presentations & Interviews

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Reset 2018: Event Wrap-up

Bots, Trolls, and Warriors - Second session presentation

June, 14 2018
Track 1 07 Internet Anarchy The Global March toward Data Localization Andrea Little Limbago
April, 28 2018
What The Future Of The Internet Looks Like and How We Can Secure It Humanely - An Interview with Andrea Little Limbago, Chief Social Scientist at Endgame
February, 12 2018
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February, 23 2018
Video: State of the Current Threat Landscape (RSA 2018)
April, 17 2018
Burnout, Culture Drive Security Talent Out the Door
November, 7 2017
Andrea Little Limbago (DerbyCon 2017) (Hacking Illustrated Series InfoSec Tutorial Videos)
September, 22 2017
Endgame's chief social scientist: We need a cyber security "paradigm shift"
June, 5 2017
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April, 12 2017
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March, 6 2017
Strengthening defenses against human-centric vulnerabilities
December, 6 2016
Andrea Little Limbago, Endgame - Grace Hopper Celebration 2016 - #GHC16 - #theCUBE
October, 20 2016

Sample Media Comments

Cybersecurity’s insidious new threat: workforce stress
August, 7 2018
4. Encrypted email sites downed by DDoS attacks
June, 28 2018
Constant offensive cyberattacks approved by Pentagon
June, 20 2018
World Cup 2018: The tech security challenges around the big event
June, 20 2018
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