Andrew Crossland

Content Strategist, Writer

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Expert

I am the owner and creator where I share meaningful and high impact posts on a weekly basis.

I am skilled at networking and social media marketing.

My blog started in June 2017 and in that time I have gained 20,000+ monthly unique visitors - these numbers climb daily.

I am an extremely thorough, detail oriented and self driven blogger who specialises in the financial industry.

Additionally, I'm attentive to deadlines and a perfectionist when it comes to creating high quality content.

I can assist with writing, scheduling, promoting and marketing.

My skills cover many areas of blogging including, Microsoft Word, Wordpress, Mailchimp, Hootsuite and all forms of Search Engine Optimisation.

I am able to code and I'm very good at researching until I find a solution.

I'm a very hard worker and would love to assist you in your goals.
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Newcastle University, Education
Newcastle University, Commercial Engineering
Manchester, UK|English

Published Content

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Blog Post
Giftcoin reviewed: giving really is crypto Karma

A press release on a cryptocurrency ICO to increase the platforms sales.

March, 2 2018
Blog Post
Binance explained: A beginner’s guide to getting started

Popular guide to the currency exchange, Binance.

March, 10 2018
Blog Post
Cryptocurrency ICOs – risk, reward, and why should you care?

A guest post on a popular crypto blog.

January, 28 2018
Blog Post
Top Tips to Manage the Risks of Cryptocurrency Investing

This is a guest post on a popular cryptocurrency website that increased the sites website visitor count.

March, 7 2018
Blog Post
London Crypto Currency Exchange (LCCX) Reviewed

I have reviewed this tech platform and have been featured on their homepage as a influencer in the cryptocurrency space.

March, 12 2018
Blog Post
5 Moon-shot ICOs set to shine in April and May 2018

This is a popular blog post on top ICOs. It received massive social shares.

March, 25 2018
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