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I'm a 38 year old who loves to write. I have been writing in an amateur capacity since the age of 19 in a gaming group. In this group we each write from a character perspective and each contribute part of the story. I am a game manager, so, I come up with the plots we play out. In addition I contribute to the public feedback about products I have purchased on Amazon. I have loved writing since I was young.

I was born with a condition known as Arthrogryposis. This basically affects muscle growth and has fused my joint along with causing shorter tendons. I was born in Utah and moved to Dallas, Tx, then Phoenix, Az, San Antonio, Tx and, finally, Pearsall, Tx. My life has been one that to some is unimaginable. I have worked as an unarmed Security Officer and was a police explorer, both of which I fully participated in from my wheelchair (including drill with the explorers). I have run my own business doing computer repair (even building them with my mouth) and basic training in the use of computers. I have even worked at Walmart where I pushed carts with my chair, was a cashier using a pointer in my mouth (I was usually one of the top 3 scan speeds), and this included working at the service desk, and even became a customer service manager (and did every part of the job required). Finally, I self published a book, though it's success faded after 2012 ended.

I currently hold 2 degrees - the first is an Associates degree in micro-computer networking (which had the added advantage of teaching me to build ethernet cables with my mouth) and a Bachelors degree in Psychology. I'm not one to give up and really try to better myself along the way.
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Asford University, Bachelor of the Arts in Psychology
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