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Turning words into gold

Most digital marketing companies understand all the jargon, but have trouble conveying their clients message to the intended target. As an internet marketing veteran and former teacher, I not only understand how to use social media, blogging, and search engine optimization for your business. I know how to explain it to your audience in a clear and concise manner.

I am the founder of Smart at the Start, a digital marketing strategy company that helps small businesses grow through bite-sized internet marketing services. I successfully worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 80 different industries over the past eight years. I wrote the books Start Up Gap and eMarketing Experience.
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Blog Post, Article, Ad/Promotional Copy, Case Study, Infographic Copy, Interview, Live Event, Press Release, Social Copy, Website Copy, Whitepaper
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University of Wisconsin-Madison, BA History, Political Science, and International Relations
National-Louis University, Masters in Education

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Case Study

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November, 7 2017
Blog Post
8 Ways to Stop Boring Your Email Subscribers

Content re-posted from article I wrote on KISSMetrics about how to connect with your email list.

November, 6 2014
Blog Post
How Volunteering Sharpens My Entrepreneurial Skills

A blog post discussing my time volunteering for a community kitchen, and the lessons I learned.

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