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I write copy and blogs that remind readers of coffee, not a sleeping pill.

Hi! My name is Angad Singh! But, why should you care?

Well, that’s because your business needs someone like me. I am a straight-shooter and I am here to tell you something that 99% of the writers out there won’t.

I don’t know everything. Several of my job titles say that I’m an expert but there is no such thing out there. There are no experts. Period.

So, does that mean all hope is lost? Hell no! What the world calls experts are actually veteran learners of their chosen disciplines.

They are the ones who know the rules well enough to know when to break them. They don’t mind getting their hands dirty when what’s tried-and-tested doesn’t work. When you hire them, the probability of getting a run-of-the-mill outcome is zero.

And as cocky as it may sound, I consider myself to be a veteran learner. But, what exactly is it that I do?

Well, here’s a rundown:-
* I write blogs for Digital Marketing companies and help them grow their outreach. * I create landing page copy that sells.
* I am mindful of effective SEO techniques and routinely use them in my writing.
* I sound nothing like the stereotypical Indian characters on the Simpsons.
* I get sick in the stomach at the thought of missing deadlines.
* I obsessively proofread my work.

So far, you’ve spent anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute reading about me. If I haven’t been able to grab your interest by now, then what am I even doing?

But, in case you’re thinking about reaching out, let me encourage you further with a final promise.

When the dust settles, I assure you that we’ll be working together for a long time!
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