Angely Mercado

Content Strategist, Copywriter, Technical Writer, Writer

If I can research it, I can write it.

I'm an NYC based freelance writer and editor. My work has appeared in various publications including a vertical of the Washington Post called The Lily, City Limits, Hello Giggles, Lenny Letter, NPR, Brooklyn Based and more. I edit and manage Bushwick Daily and I am a social media intern at Democracy Now! I write op-eds, event guides, listicles, website content, social media posts and news articles. I'm definitely a team player and enjoy working collaboratively on challenging projects.
Content Types
Article, Buyers Guide, Ad/Promotional Copy, Commercial, Checklist, Interview, News Photography, Press Release, Product Description, Product Photography, Social Copy, Website Copy, Recipe
More Information
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism , Masters of Journalism
CUNY Hunter College , BA Media Studies
New York, NY, USA|English, Spanish

Published Content

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