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Born in Ukraine and having absorbed all the best from my homeland from the higher education (I have got Master's degree in teaching French and English) to the various job positions like English and French language teacher at schools and universities as well as a chief editor, anchorwoman and TV-show presenter on the State Television, I have always been passionate about traveling. My curiosity to foreign countries and their cultural traditions led me to see the world around by visiting about twenty different countries, in four of which I have lived.
When traveling to France five years ago and being an au-pair in one French family, I met my future husband with whom I have got two wonderful kids. Before settling down in France we used to live two years in Ukraine and Greece afterwards. Nice experience, I should say, to see the life in my native country with the eyes of a wife of the Frenchman.
So after all this, we have come back to France and settled down here.
Talking about my professional experience when coming to France, I should say that adaptation period lasted some time for me especially that I've got used to working on line. However, I wanted some kind of regular local job, so I started from McDonald's as a versatile employee and then I worked as an English teacher in two private professional lyceums, first, specializing in Economics, and the second, specializing in Art and Design. During the Quarantine my husband got an offer from his company to change the sector, so two months ago we moved to another beautiful department in the South of France.
Let me talk a bit about my hobbies and interests, as I have a lot of them. First, as I have already mentioned comes traveling and learning foreign languages (I speak seven foreign languages) and cultural traditions of different countries. Secondly, I am passionate about painting and drawing, in general art of all its forms attracts me a lot. That's why I paint in various techniques including oil, pastel, pencil and watercolor. Moreover, I have just started creating designs for some apparel as well as names for businesses. Thirdly, I'm passionate about reading and self-development. Two years ago I discovered Mindvalley Academy and completed with them two on line courses, first with Marisa Peer "Uncompromised Life" and second with Michael Beckwith "The Life Visioning Mastery". These courses have completely changed the course of my life.Then, comes yoga and face yoga. Two years ago I started teaching Face Yoga.
And finally, I love doing sport ( swimming and volleyball) and dancing social dances.
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