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I believe that every word you read needs to have a purpose. It needs to instill an action and fulfill a need. This in turn motivates your potential audience to take action, buy the product, share your story, or simply build an authentic love for your brand.

Why Me? Because I believe in what I do. I invest the time in understanding both the needs of your audience and your unique product. Not any content will do. It needs to be the right words. The right message.

But beyond being passionate about writing, I bring over ten years of journalistic experience to the sustainability, agriculture, wellness and beverage sectors. Over the years, my work has appeared in several magazines and websites including Fair Trade International, CAA Magazine, Manufacturing Today, Growers Talk, Tea and Coffee Trade Journal and Western/Eastern Hotelier. A natural storyteller, I strive on converting complex concepts into engaging, informative features.

Please reach out. I look forward to sharing your story.
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University of Western Ontario , Bachelor of Arts (Child Psychology and Philosophy)

Operations and Management

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Western Hotelier-telecommunications feature.pdf

Whether it's smartphones, tablets, or laptops, guests are consistently using their personal devices throughout the hotel space. This has resulted in not only an increased demand for wireless but a shift in the way that both the phone and television are used in the hotel room.
Beyond customer service

Whether your customer is a garden center, landscaper or the home gardener, customer service is critical to the success of your operation. In the past, customer service was a department primarily created to respond to concerns, often following the mantra “the customer is always right.” However, this traditional method is no longer enough to secure repeat purchases. Today’s customers are looking for companies where they can foster relationships and have consistent positive experiences.

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One step ahead customer experience.pdf

There has been an evolution in the retail garden industry. The practices that were profitable a decade ago are no longer the best business tools for our retail staff to use. Profit is the ultimate objective for most garden centers and customers are the source of this profit. So how do you achieve and ideally surpass profit goals in today’s market? Well, according to John Kennedy, the key is to provide your customers with the optimal experience.
Art and Cannabis

By taking an artistic approach to the design and business model of the dispensary, Demers was able to move away from stereotypical visions of what a cannabis retailer might look like and include in its product offering.

February, 9 2018
The Evolution of the Garden Center

There’s a fairly recent trend of independent garden centers allocating both their space and time in the off-season to other revenue-generating opportunities. These include incorporating children activity clubs, hosting seminars, weddings and even using the space to run trade shows. What makes this trend interesting is not the end result, but the individuals behind the changes. These successful owners recognized that the opportunity was there for “something more” and fulfilled an unmet need in their community.

November, 26 2013
Taking plant sales to the digital space

Late this February, online retailer, Amazon, launched the Amazon Plant Store offering shrubs, flowers, and succulents across the United States. Currently, Amazon Plant is restricted to the United States, but Canadians are beginning to go online to source and purchase gardening products.

August, 14 2018


The DailyTea 2015

Born in India, the practice of yoga has been traced back to at least 3000 BC, with the discovery of ancient stone seals depicting yogic asanas (postures). Several historical texts, including the Veda, Gita and Patanjali's Yoga sutras, all illustrate the lengthy history of this practice in India. Yoga, in India, is much more than a series of poses. It can almost be viewed as a guide to life: encompassing all areas from the importance of committing to the task at hand to acknowledging the impact we have on the world around us. The asanas are simply a practice of moving meditation, gently weaving the connection between mind, body and spirit. Tea became a natural way to enhance this practice, and was commonly used by Zen Buddhist monks to assist with mediation and prayer.
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Movement Paired with a Cup of Tea

Delicious Downward Dog: Begin by taking deep breaths, becoming aware of your body and if there is any tension. Slowly sip your warm cup of tea, enjoying each breath. Embrace the quiet. Take a few moments here.

January, 29 2016
Blog Post
Wellness in the Woods

According to a 2008 University of Michigan study, walking in nature can improve one’s attention span and memory performance by as much as 20%. Now who wouldn’t want that benefit? Once I’m in the thick of the forest, I take my time and spend some moments either reflecting, telling autumn stories (why the leaves change color, what happens to the animals) or practicing yogic asanas. My favorite poses in nature are the more grounded ones: the ones that help me feel my connection to the earth.

September, 22 2016
Ayurveda Essentials

Ayurveda is much more than the new wellness buzzword. A preventive science focused on promoting well-being, its core principles are about keeping your body at its optimal level.

January, 14 2016


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0-TC-Jul-Aug18-tea packaging.pdf

With the plastic free movement, UK consumers have demanded a shift in their single serve tea bags. The industry has responded providing a wave of sustainable alternatives on the market.
Elevating utility of buildings with hollow-core precast concrete slabs

With the increasing concerns of climate change, natural disasters, and energy disruptions, buildings need to be resilient. Architects and decision-makers are often on the lookout for new ways of enhancing building projects, particularly when it comes to comfort, energy efficiency, and safety. Concrete hollow-core slabs help establish value-added groundwork for a resilient building, as the material is well-known for its durability, resiliency, and thermal mass. Opting for factory-made precast concrete also ensures a consistent product throughout the entire structure. Historically used for multi-storey buildings, hollow cores are now being seen in an increased variety of projects.

April, 13 2017
Blog Post
Are Canadians Too Passive About Alternative Energy?

As Canadians, we proudly proclaim that we care about our environment. We want to do the right thing, and philosophically, renewable energy simply makes sense. In fact, three out of four Canadians believe that fossil fuel should be replaced by renewable energy, believing that protecting the environment will foster economic growth and new jobs. However; when it comes to making an investment in renewable solutions, most of us complacently stay with our current energy providers.

March, 29 2018
Trace and Track

Tracking a seed from farm to cup seems simple. But documenting every step from a single grower to processor and exporter, and then onto a roaster, retailer and consumer, is quite complicated. Now consider blends that mix coffee from hundreds of growers from multiple origins in differing ratios for recipes that vary by season.

December, 5 2017
Nurturing Deep Roots in Sustainability

The VanderZaag family has been growing potatoes for generations, initially in the Netherlands, and then immigrating to Alliston, Ont. For founder of Sunrise Potato Storage Ltd., Peter VanderZaag, it is not just about producing a marketable crop but returning life to the depleted soils around the world.

March, 5 2018
Blog Post
Peru: The Perfect Merge of Quality and Sustainability

Hand crafted with an artisanal flair describes both the effort and the quality of beans that are originating from Peru. As much as 95% of the producers are small-scale family farmers, each with about 2 to 3 hectares of land. These farmers are committed to their production, focused on nurturing some of the highest quality beans in the market today. However; the combination of extreme isolation, unpredictable weather and market patterns paired with limited communication kept these quality beans in hiding.


Youthful Surge

To say that the US coffee landscape has shifted is putting it lightly. The preferences of two successive generations of coffee drinkers have led to a complete overhaul evidenced by the variety of choices on the nation’s menu boards.

April, 10 2017
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0-TC-May18-generation z feature.pdf

Who is Generation Z? What do they like and buy? For the youthful and discerning Generation Z, not any brand will do, nor does advertising do the trick. These consumers seek products that reflect themselves, their beliefs and their values.


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Growers Talk Biodiversity in Agriculture.pdf

On the slope of the Mauna Loa Volcano, at 3,000 -ft. elevation, is the home of Kilinoe Forest, an entire eco system in which thousands of Camellia sinensis shrubs reside among native plants. The founders of this unique venture are Dr. Cam Muir and Eliah Halpenny—who are passionate about not only tea, but advocating for biodiversity.

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Awakening the World to Colombian Tea.pdf

This feature delved into the dynamic world of Colombian tea, highlighting the venture of Bitaco as they shifted their production from CTC to the orthodox market.
Growing with a Lot of Hart 4/1/2018

For some people, a life in horticulture is simply a career choice; for others—like Nancy Hart, founder of Church Creek Nursery in Johns Island, South Carolina—it’s their destiny.
Blog Post
Experience Canadian Grown Tea at the Cowichan Valley

An 11-acre property in Cowichan valley, British Columbia, is the home to Teafarm, an organic farm dedicated to food, art and growing tea. Here Victor Vesely and Margit Nelleman live out their dreams. Some of those dreams include Margit’s hand thrown clay products and distinctive teapots, as well as tea blending and Canadian grown tea.

August, 12 2015
Blog Post
Intrepid Woman: Marie Heron, Executive Director at On-Track Career and Employment Services

Successful, career oriented, and a visionary, Marie Heron has transformed her $100,000 funded agency into multiple delivery sites and more than 1.5 million dollars in funding. Over the years, she has been an adult educator, career counsellor and eventually an Executive Director. Heron’s career path, however, was far from barrier free

June, 20 2017
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counter culture profile.pdf

This feature delves into the story of Counter Culture, from it's earliest beginnings to their vision for the future.

An insider's look at the story of Bigelow Tea.

Food and Beverages

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Western Grocer Cheese 2018.pdf

C anadians have always had a soft spot for cheese. From the mild, comforting cheddar to the tangy stilton, Canadians are actively exploring the diversity in both the taste and origins of their cheese. “Canada has many different demographics but one thing they all share is a love for high quality cheeses,” says Kristen Payne, Canadian cheese and speciality buyer, Whole Foods Market. There is an interesting dichotomy with the way Canadian consumers choose their cheeses. On one hand, they are seeking local products to support their economy and for the security on how the dairy is produced. On the other hand, they are curious about high quality imported cheeses, satisfying their need for experimentation and love of travel.

Canadians have always had a soft spot for cheese. Fromthe mild, comforting cheddar to the tangy stilton,Canadians are actively exploring the diversity in both the taste and origins of their cheese.
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Elevate the Flavor of Your Favorite Tea with Chocolate

The cocoa bean and its delectable products have been embraced for centuries. Originally consumed as a bitter beverage, it was claimed to alleviate fatigue and increase virility. Cocoa was thought to have magical qualities and became an integral part of Aztec and Mayan’s rituals and celebrations.

September, 10 2014
Blog Post
Exploring the Origins of Russian Tea Culture

Russian writers Tolstoy, Dostoevsky and Chekov each depict their own unique versions of Russian culture and ideology. However, the one thing they all agree on is accepting and embracing Russian tea culture. Tea is so engrained in Russian culture there’s even an expression “to have a sit by samovar,” illustrating the social ritual of drinking a cup of tea.

August, 6 2015
Blog Post
Heidi Fink’s Jasmine Tea Sorbet

This exotically refreshing and intensely lemony sorbet is the most elegant form of iced tea in the world. This mixture can also be used to make divine popsicles or Granita.

July, 22 2015
More than a Pretty Package: The Importance of Form and Function

In a market saturated with specialty tea and coffee, packaging has never been more important. Consumers expect a consistent experience from first sight to last sip with their hot beverages. Manufacturer’s require the assurance that containers will preserve the product from the date it’s packaged until consumed. This seamless experience can only be accomplished with the right packaging.

July, 21 2017
Blog Post
Healthy Children’s Beverages

t’s back to school time. As your children are gearing up for another exciting year, you may be worrying about what to pack for lunch. The grocery store is full of drink boxes, sodas, sport drinks and fruit flavored beverages all available in “lunch box” size. The challenge is that most of these beverages are high in sugar and calories. Instead of choosing juice or soda, why not pack a thermos of herbal tea?

August, 21 2014
Innovation Beautifully Integrated with Tradition

Known for its technology and innovation, Japan is truly a place where industry meets aesthetics. Changes in tea production have evolved over generations, but one thing remains true. Japan independently developed its unique styles of green tea. Today sencha, a green tea processed through steaming, comprises 75% of the total tea production in Japan. First introduced 300 years ago in Uji, Kyoto, the leaves are rolled and dried at low temperatures. Traditionally formed by hand, today most of the sencha is processed mechanically.

March, 31 2016
Beverages That Do More

Flavors do much more than alter the taste, today’s flavors are formulated to enhance the experience whether wellness, beauty, or indulgence. When flavoring tea, Dataessential Buzz Coffee and Tea consumer tracker reports that fruit flavors dominate. Customers report peach (26%), raspberry (25%), and peach and strawberry (18%) as their top choices.

June, 6 2017
Blog Post
India: More Than a Cup of Chai

known for its colorful saris, aromatic spices and golden palaces. In this birthplace of yoga, Ayurveda and Buddhism, it is no wonder that tea has developed such a prominent position. In India, tea is much more than a hot beverage, “It’s very simple, offering a cup of tea is what we call a commodity of friendship,” said Vipul Goel, A Cup of Chai, Brampton, Ontario. “ If you go to anybody’s house in India, the first thing you’re offered is a glass of water and the second thing is a cup of chai.”

August, 13 2014
Blog Post
Behind the Brew: Hawthorn

Laden with British and Gaelic folklore, this cousin of the rose family has often been used as hedges to keep out unwanted guests (wild and otherwise). The literal translation of hawthorn name means thorny hedge, which is befitting for this deciduous shrub. However; both the berries and leaves bring forth a bounty of benefits both for medicinal and culinary uses. In fact, hawthorn berries have been a medicine cabinet staple for centuries.

December, 28 2014
Blog Post
A Healthy Alternative to Sugary Drinks

Do you cringe when your child asks for soda or juice? All to often children are drawn to sodas and other sweetened drinks. Their friends drink it, so they wonder why they can’t have it. Although you want your child to be happy, you also want them to be healthy!

October, 22 2014
Blog Post
Behind the Brew: Basil

Made popular for adding a culinary wow to Italian cooking, basil is so much more than the base for pesto. Basil has been revered for centuries. The Romans believed basil would only grow if it was cursed and screamed at, while those in the East thought it to be the cure for a serpent bite.

May, 12 2016
Blog Post
Tea A-Z Featuring “J”

Tea terminology can be complex. Which is why we bring you Tea A-Z, a guide to deciphering both common and completely bewildering concepts from the world of tea. Let’s dive in!

November, 4 2014
Blog Post
What Mood is Your Tea Today?

Have you ever thought about why you’re drinking tea? Do you pick the tea for it’s flavor, origin or is there something else behind your tea choice? For the passionate French, tea is chosen by the mood they want to feel. And so, in almost every French tea drinking home, there are several options. Understanding this about the French consumer, Tea Company Dammann Frères made tea selection easy for their online shoppers. Customers that purchase from the website can choose their tea based on their needs, whether it’s a pick-me-up, to relax or even to satisfy a sweet tooth.

October, 15 2014
Blog Post
How a Cup of Coffee Inspired a New Way to Brew Tea

How do you brew your tea? If you’ve played around with techniques you probably discovered that the way you steep can change the flavor. It’s this unique relationship that led Preston Caffrey, founder of Java Tea Company to discover his ideal cup of tea. Unlike most tea buyers, Caffrey was looking for a tea that reminded him of coffee. Unable to find one on the market, he decided to create his own. You may wonder, if he loved coffee so much, why turn to tea? Simple, for its health benefits. Caffrey knew drinking tea was healthy, but wanted a bolder flavor. He added dark chocolate, caramel and almonds, all which brought forth the taste of coffee, but something was still missing. And so, Caffrey and his family decided to take a six-month sabbatical in Italy. Living in a small town outside of Umbria, he was amazed by how the locals drank their espresso. Here the “on the run” mentality was missing.

September, 25 2014
Blog Post
Share a Cuppa with Fido? Really?!

Does your dog or cat try to sneak a sip of your morning tea? Ever wonder if you should offer your pet its own cup? According to Dog Behaviorist and Canine Holistic Wellness Advisor, Karen Rosenfeld, you not only can but should give your pets their own cup of tea.

September, 16 2014
Blog Post
Share the Love of a Cup of Tea with Your Children

Tea is so much more than a beverage quickly consumed. It’s a delightful aroma, a taste that tantalizes the tongue and a soothing ritual. What better way to enhance your tea drinking experience than to share it with your child?

October, 2 2014
Blog Post
Behind the Brew: Honeybush Herbal Tea

A close relative to rooibos, the Cyclopia plant (commonly known as Honeybush) was first sold commercially in the late nineties. Today, the demand for this tisane exceeds production with 70% of honeybush tea being wild harvested. The cultivated honeybush comes from a few small South African farmers who have recently developed honeybush plantations. The wonderfully sweet profile of this tisane makes honeybush a favorite for children and adults alike

June, 16 2016
Blog Post
Behind the Brew: Jasmine

Jasmine is known for its intoxicating fragrance: a whiff of the flower brings forth a curious blend of sensuality and relaxation. A member of the olive family, these bright green leaves with delicate white blooms can be found in both vine and shrub form.

July, 28 2015
Blog Post
Oak Infused Iced Tea

Looking to expand your beverage palate? Why not try a glass of naturally brewed, oak infused iced tea? That’s right, the process normally reserved for fine liquors and wine is now available in a ready to drink tea.

July, 21 2014
Blog Post
Guayusa: The New Super Tisane

t’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! No, it’s Guayusa (GWHY-YOU-SA): the super hero of the herbal tea world. If you haven’t seen this herb yet, keep looking. Why? It seems to offer the best of everything. It is high in antioxidants like green tea, while also offering a caffeine boost equivalent to a cup of coffee. This plant seems to offer all the benefits of yerba mate without the potential bitterness.

September, 29 2014
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coffee,tea and alcohol.pdf

At first glance, coffee, tea and alcohol, may seem to be completely different products. However, the journey of these three items have taken very similar paths. An increasing number of consumers have developed refined palates and are actively seeking beverages that were developed by artisans. They are seeking a full sensory experience paying attention to the aroma, taste notes and colour of the liquor. It seems natural that the crafts have come together to offer consumers a fully immersive experience.

Cannabis Industry

A Changing Environment: How to Prepare for the Unexpected

Established in 2015, Oregon Bud Company (Oregon BC) is an offshoot of Telluride Bud Company, established in 2012 in Colorado. With a successful operation in Colorado under their belt, founders Gary and Yolanda Davis were paying close attention to Oregon and the future of cannabis in the state. In 2015, they decided to open their own production facility there, and approached Eli McLean—who, at the time, was a master grower for another company in Colorado—for his insights on developing the growing environment and to invite him to take the position as the lead cultivator at their new facility.

August, 30 2017
An Indoor Design for Maximum Environmental Productivity

Smokey Point Productions Founder Brian Lade’s years of experience in growing cannabis has taught him both the habits and challenges of producing this somewhat-finicky plant. He initially became involved in the industry as a clone vendor, selling clones to the medical community and then to local farmers and dispensaries.

August, 30 2017
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