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Danish opera singer and mental health blogger

My name is Anne-Sofie. I am a newly graduated opera singer from Denmark, currently based in Brighton, UK. Since graduating from challenging years of vocal studies at some of the world's most famous conservatoires, I have decided to dive into psychology and the mental side of teaching, learning and performing.

My interest in psychology and mental health comes from my own experience: Growing up with a family member that suffers from Borderline Paranoid Schizophrenia has definitely had an impact on my own mental health. I do consider myself a highly sensitive person and I would probably be so regardless of my family. But the fact that I had to grow up faster and be able to take care of myself earlier than my peers, has made me more anxious and struggling with low self worth.

This has had an impact on my vocal studies, as the voice sits inside the throat, where we can’t see it. So working with my voice has required me to work with my mind as well.

I am currently in the process of creating a blog to share stories from my own and other artists journeys and to cover useful and interesting mental health related topics for artists. I also share short blog posts on my Instagram account about working with yourself as a singer - the mental side of performing: anxiety, how to deal with rejection, comparison and other topics. However, I am also looking for a platform to write more freely about my personal experience with mental illness in the family, how it’s affected me and how I cope/grow from it - hoping to inspire, support and start a conversation by opening up on a delicate topic.

Experienced topics: mental illness in the family, building self esteem, anxiety, mental health and youth (parents divorced), getting through tough times, holistic self work approach, mental health in the arts
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