Annie Durkin

Content Strategist, Ghostwriter, Graphic Designer, Writer

Creative Content Writer and Online Marketing Design Strategist

My educational background led me to obtain my bachelor's degree in Communications, focusing on marketing/public relations/advertising and journalism. I also pursued creative writing classes and developed a comprehensive portfolio of essays, short stories and poems. Following my degree, I worked in the health care industry where I developed and designed my own marketing materials from white papers, flyers, infographics, sales product presentations and much more. From there I wanted to pursue my creative writing interests a bit more, so I began writing original healthcare articles and submitting them for publication to leading industry resources. I would also contribute to different journalist queries looking for small business experts, millennial perspectives, women in finance/insurance and healthcare/human resource technology information and was quoted in several leading publications. I developed an interest in website design while managing and developing the healthcare blog, so I learned to code and design successfully branded websites including e-commerce stores, interactive web pages and company mission/value statements. I still continue to write creative freelance essays and blog posts outside of the business world that have more to do with current affairs and/or lifestyle topics.
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Article, Blog Post, Checklist, Direct Mail, Graphic, Infographic, Landing Page, Page Layout, Presentation, Press Release, Product Description, Website Copy, Whitepaper
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Loyola University Maryland, Bachelor's Degree
New York, NY|English

Published Content

Custom Designed Website for Private Healthcare Brokerage
benefitscontinuum.comWebsite Copy
Custom Designed Website for Private Healthcare Brokerage

Designed, maintained and updated an original website for a small privately owned benefits brokerage company, including installing an e-commerce link to purchase individual insurance products directly through the company's web page.

Taking action on HR technology
Taking action on HR technology

Wrote an article on the importance of human resource technology in business that was published with Employee Benefit News, a leading industry resource for healthcare benefits.

August, 16 2017
Where Your Small Business Should Focus in the New Year
Where Your Small Business Should Focus in the New Year

Contributing writer for - “The changes taking place in the health care industry have expanded our roles as benefit advisors. To prepare for this, we are making a concerted effort to be more of a resource; and not just to our existing clients. We are no longer simply in the business of sales, but also the business of collaboration and education," explains Durkin. " We aren't just going to rely on our existing experience and expertise in advising businesses on health care needs, but are also taking advantage of new technology that produces accurate, data-driven results. This helps us to develop more creative, strategic and cost-effective solutions for our clients.” She also adds,”any business not taking full advantage of all that social media has to offer is really dropping the ball. Move beyond just selling a product or service and create a public voice. Establish a unique personality for your company, positioning yourself as not only a valued resource, but a crucial necessity to your industry. The revenue will follow!”

December, 23 2014
Sensing The Pulse Of Digital Healthcare
Sensing The Pulse Of Digital Healthcare

Contributed to an article published on discussing the primary changes in healthcare technology.

May, 23 2016
There Will Be Paper Jams.pdf
PDF upload
There Will Be Paper Jams.pdf

Published an original entertaining creative writing piece on getting through days that just seem to present challenge after challenge.

February, 5 2015
A Healthcare Benefits Blog
A Healthcare Benefits Blog
June, 14 2016
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