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We are all stories in the end, just make sure you make it a good one~

I am an emerging Freelance Writer. I am currently attending Texas Woman's University to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in English with a minor in Graphic Design. During my time at Tarrant County College, I pursued an Associate of Arts degree with most my class focus being English classes where I recieved high marks in all of them. I am also working on two Wordpress Blogs that I recently started that I hope to not only show my current writing skils, but also to improve on them. My main blog which is also my professional blog is called "The Positive Iris" and it is for positve articles of advice and curiousity. My second blog which is my personal blog is called "Always Geeky Antoinette" and it is for geeky reviews of tv shows, animated shows, anime, and books. My personal blog will also include adventures to conventions and personal updates.
While the catergories listed below with my past articles are ones I am familiar with, I am open to trying new catergories. I also have 10+ years of Retail experience from working at Walgreens and Linens N' Things.
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Tarrant County College, Associate of Arts, Graduated
Texas Woman's University , Bachelor of English with Minor in Graphic Design, Pursuing
Fort Worth, TX|English


Blog Post
Anime Spotlight: Violet Evergarden

A review about the anime "Violet Evergarden".

August, 12 2018
M.A.P. : Making A Plan

In this blog post I talk about how to stairstep into learning how to make plans and goals for yourself while making sure to stay true to you and with less stress.

August, 12 2018
Blog Post
Geek Spotlight: Grimm

A review of the show "Grimm"

July, 16 2018
Blog Post
No, I don’t wear make-up & No, I have no problem if you do, but….

This blog post is about how there is nothing wrong with not wearing make-up or wearing make-up as long as you do it for you and that you are taking care to be careful with your skin.

July, 31 2018
Blog Post
The Popularity of the Geek

This blog post speaks of how being geek is slowly becoming the new thing.

July, 10 2018
PDF upload

Analysis paper of the benefits of building a community garden written for my English Comp 2 class at Tarrant County College.

May, 7 2012
PDF upload
Annotated Bibliography on Christina Rosetti’s “Goblin Market”.pdf

Annotated Bibliography written for my British Literature 2 class at Tarrant County College.

August, 8 2013
PDF upload
Annotated Bibliography on Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey’s Sonnets.pdf

Annotated Bibliography written in my British Literature 1 class at Tarrant County College.

June, 23 2013
PDF upload
Annotated Bibliography on Vigilante Justice.pdf

Annotated Bibliography paper written for my English Comp class

November, 18 2011
PDF upload
Case Study

This was my very first scientific paper that I had written and my first ever psychology class. I had to do a lot of extensive research for it and even though we only were required to do 10 journal articles, I did 14. My professor gave me a 100 for not only doing more than was expected of me but also because he gave a special lecture on almost the same subject and told me that some of my notes helped him with his lecture. I will not lie, since this paper was more than a few years back, there are many terms I am no longer familiar with but with great study, I am sure I could learn them again. These journal articles were written for my Life Span & Development class at Tarrant County College.

August, 15 2011
PDF upload
Memory Appassionato.pdf

Analysis of D.H. Lawrence’s poem “The Piano” written for my English Comp 2 class at Tarrant County College.

April, 4 2012
PDF upload
Drowning Remembrance.pdf

Analysis of Thomas Wolfe’s “Only the Dead Only Know Brooklyn” written for my English Comp 2 class at Tarrant County College

February, 4 2012
PDF upload

This was my first time writing a Play and it was assignment giving to me in my Creative Writing class at Tarrant County College. We had the option for our final paper to be a story or a play. Only two of the students in the whole class picked the play option and one of those students was me. My teacher gave me a 100 and said it was not bad for my first play. I think it could use some work but I am still very proud of it.

December, 5 2013
PDF upload

I wrote of a collection of different types of poems for my Creative Writing Class at Tarrant County College. The different types of poems you will see are Sonnet , Accentual-syllabic verse, Accentual verse, Terza Rima.

September, 26 2013
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